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vision_missionRun Richmond has one main goal…to build community.


Running in a group is easier, more fun and safer than running alone. The idea behind RunRichmond is to encourage people to support each other, support the Richmond community and hopefully become healthier mentally and physically through running/walking or moving in general.

The need for community is a completely natural thing. Assuming you are a human being…you have been created to desire community and relationships. Going through life trying to do everything on your own is crazy. There are people that can encourage you, assist you, and even stop you from making mistakes in any endeavor you choose.

Once we have this great community of people to support each other it makes sense to have a mission. The big picture mission I have for Run Richmond is to be a catalyst that helps make Richmond, KY a healthier town. We have all heard the statistics and Kentucky doesn’t fair well on health and wellness statistics. If as runners/walkers we are visible in our community we may inspire others to get up and start moving. It would do little for me to create this website and run all over town wearing Run Richmond logos. One person can only have so much influence. As a running/walking community we can reach so many more people.

The next step in Run Richmond will to become more visible. That is the reason that I am in talks to get a 5K, 10K and Half Marathon started. As a community of people joined by movement lets create events that will give others reasons and opportunities to find a passion for running. Details will continue to be shared as they become available, but I encourage you to get involved if this is something that interest you. If you are just a person wanting to improve your health, show up for one of our Saturday group runs. It is called a group run, but walkers are just as much a part of it as runners. If you are already a serious runner or walker come to group runs with the idea of reaching out to others…be inviting and encouraging.

This is a community for people that are at any fitness level. If you are able to move you are welcome at Run Richmond. There are no expectations of fitness or requirements to run long distances. Run Richmond is a group of people that enjoy the benefits movement has had on our bodies and minds. We encourage and support each other and anyone else interested in joining us.

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