It’s Tough Mudder Contest Time!

Tough MudderI have talked about this for way too long. It is time to get it done. Run Richmond has a team that will be running the June 3rd Tough Mudder Half at Kentucky Speedway. We strongly believe in community and doing things together so we decided to make it easy for some of you to join us. Trent and I will be covering the cost of two people to join our team. We already have close to 10 people on our team and more will just make it better.

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It’s Not How You Start That Matters

how you start

The statement “It’s not how you start that matters” could fit into so many different situations. We all know that how you finish is so much more important than how we start. That counts for relationships, weight loss, races and so many other areas. I agree 100% with the common finish to that statement…It’s How You Finish That Matters Most. But, I do question the idea that is being insinuated; how you start certainly does matter.

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Getting Fit With Get Fit Athletic Club – HYDRATION


Leanne Horn Pic

Hello, Run Richmond community members! My name is Leanne Horn and I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist at Get Fit Athletic Club here in Richmond, KY. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I have been given the wonderful opportunity to discuss topics related to fitness, nutrition, and overall healthy living with your online community. With no further delay let’s get started!

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The Only Thing Missing is U


We can go through life and push on with determination and grit to battle whatever comes before us. If you are a strong willed person you may even be able to win some battles and feel like you are in a pretty good place. In reality though, no matter how many wins you have; if you are fighting on your own you will never win the war. We need community! We need people that will fight with us. People that will push us. People that will lift us up when we are weak. This applies to every area of our life.

So many of us look ourselves in the mirror and get frustrated. Maybe it’s frustration at how we have let our health slip. Maybe it’s frustration about the sadness we see in the mirror. There are a million different things that can cause us to have that frustration. Any single one can cause us to feel lost and helpless. When you are fighting trying to feel positive in different areas at the same time it can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. No one can carry the weight of the world on their own. We must have community.

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Cool Shirts and Great Sponsors

WTW Sponsors LOGO

Just when I think we are done and ready to move past sponsorships we get more good news. There are a few things that almost all runners agree on. T-shirts are great, if they are good ones. Sure there are a few of you out there that would say you have enough shirts and would prefer to never get another shirt at a race. Those people are few and far between. Most people want a great race shirt. Most people decide if it is a great shirt based one thing before anything else. How the shirt feels!

Sure you need a good design, sure it needs to be a good shirt color, but even if you have both of those and the shirt feels cheap and itchy then nobody is going to wear it. Run Richmond likes getting good shirts for our races. We actually refuse to not have a really soft, well designed shirt. Soft shirts are expensive, luckily we have friends in the t-shirt business.

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Sponsorships Keep Coming

WTW Sponsors LOGO

The race is 23 days away and the sponsorships just keep coming. I think it’s important for runners to realize that there is a reason the sponsors want to be part of the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run…it’s going to be a great event that will put you in a great mood and sponsors want to be part of that warm and fuzzy feeling. This is not your normal 5K. We are offering more than you normally get at a 5K in perks and in venue. That is one reason that I think our next sponsor has decided to jump in as a Gold Sponsor. Continue reading Sponsorships Keep Coming

Twine Market & Design Party In The Barn!

WTW Sponsors LOGO

We are getting down to the wire now on these sponsorships. The race is only 24 days away so now is the time to act if you want in. One local business that I am extremely excited has decided to jump in and become a sponsor is Twine Market & Design. Some sponsors are important because they agree to bring waters or prizes to the race and those are so appreciated. Other sponsors, like Twine Market & Design are important because they are going to make Run Richmond look good. Continue reading Twine Market & Design Party In The Barn!

RUNNERS (and walkers) NEEDED!

we need youYou know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you realize that you are needed? Doesn’t it feel amazing to know that your presence, expertise, or even emotional support is important to someone else? We all desire to be wanted and needed. It’s human nature. We are designed to need companionship. We accomplish goals better as a team than as an individual. So if feeling needed is something that you desire than let me tell you right now that Run Richmond needs you. Continue reading RUNNERS (and walkers) NEEDED!

Tough Mudder Contest Update and other bits of info…

Tough Mudder

I know I have been talking about this contest to win free registrations to join the Run Richmond Tough Mudder Team for a while. We are getting really close at this point. I promise! We are stalling because we have decided to include our sponsors from the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run in the fun for the contest. The great part is that our sponsors are excited about the contest. The bad part is we keep getting more sponsors and each time we do we have to finalize more details before we can move on to the contest. My goal is to finalize the sponsors that will be included in the contest this week. If that can happen early in the week then we will have the contest this week. If not until the end of the week the contest will be next week. Continue reading Tough Mudder Contest Update and other bits of info…