How Running Played A Role In My New Life

new life

Over the last few years my body and life have gone through some pretty dramatic changes. I have discussed on here that I have lost over 50 lbs. this year with the help of running, but over the last few years my mind and soul have been getting healthier as well.

I have decided other times in the past that I wanted to lose weight. This time though I didn’t want to lose weight, I actually wanted to get healthier. I had realized that without changes I wasn’t going to be around for my wife and daughters long term. I was selfishly eating things that made me happy, but ultimately they would be paying the price at some time in the future. When that really clicked in my mind eating better became easier and I knew running would get help me reach my goals. Continue reading How Running Played A Role In My New Life

Long Runs

long run

Longs runs are the foundation of any training plan for a marathon or half marathon. You need all types of runs to meet your race goals, but none are going to be as effective for getting you ready for a race than the longs run. The benefits are just for racers though. Every runner can benefit from weekly longs runs. All of the benefits of long runs are too many to list, but I want to cover a couple. Continue reading Long Runs

Ice Bath…Can You Handle It

ice bath-polar bear

Before my daughter started running cross country I, for the most part, would say her pain tolerance was about a 4 on a scale of 1-10. She wasn’t big on pushing through things or the whole No Pain No Gain theories. It wasn’t long into her first summer training with the team that she was having some soreness after practice and it was suggested she try an ice bath. So you have to picture this middle school girl sitting down into a huge tub filled water and more ice than Coors uses for its cold brewing. She sat in that water, which came up to her chest, for 8 minutes. We soon found out that frequently team members, especially the boys, give up before their timer is done. I immediately jumped her score in my mind from a 4 to at least a 7. Continue reading Ice Bath…Can You Handle It

Trail Runs…A Leisurely Trip Through The Woods?

raven run trail

Trail running is a completely different sport than road running. Your average runner that will run a few 5k races per year or maybe even bump up to a 10K or Half Marathon love to find flat courses so they can run fast and PR. Trail runners must accept the fact that no matter how much you train finishing is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed are those hills the road runners are trying to avoid. Continue reading Trail Runs…A Leisurely Trip Through The Woods?

Morning Runs Really Are Worth It

morning run

90% of my training runs have been morning runs. When I started running for weight loss I was doing most of it after work because the idea of getting up at 5:30 to run seemed crazy to me. After deciding to sign up for a half marathon I realized that the running required to meet my goal was going to require more time than I was willing to give away from my family. Unless, I did it while they slept, so morning runs became my thing. Continue reading Morning Runs Really Are Worth It

Sometimes I wonder why I run!

Running doesn't love me2I have been pretty lucky since getting this new running life started. I haven’t had any major injuries that put an end to my trying for an extended period of time. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had injuries though. I can almost guarantee that if you decide to step up a level from just walking to some serious training that  involves running you will pay some sort of price. There are things you can do to help reduce the risk of injury, and most likely you can avoid any serious stuff, but you will have pains. Continue reading Sometimes I wonder why I run!

Shoes…Runners Best Friend or Worst Nightmare

Shoe imageIt goes without saying that a runner has a special relationship with his/her shoes. You may assume that most long time runners figure out what they like and stick with it until the end (or until they are discontinued). So as a new runner you may ask around and see what your “runner” friends suggest.

Here is the problem with that…people have different types of feet and feet change. Your shoe needs can change for many reasons, most notably injury and age. Running shoe manufacturers make shoes to work with all different types of feet. Some people have extremely high arches and some people have no arch. These people have drastically different shoe needs. So seeing that your really fast friend down the street runs all the time in Asics doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a pair of Asics. Continue reading Shoes…Runners Best Friend or Worst Nightmare