New Course Map is Up!

EKU Woodchip and Farm Trail

I now have a course map up for the EKU Woodchip and Farm Trails. These are great trails because they are easy to get to and offer two completely different workouts.  You can combine the two trails and get right at 5 miles in. If you have never been there I can assure you that it will be 5 miles you will remember.

Click the map and it will take you directly to the EKU Trails page or you can check out all of the maps we have available by clicking the course maps menu on the side of the page.

#1 Reason to Run…Being Chased By Pirates

sparrow Chased

Getting outside to get moving with a good run or walk can be an extremely enjoyable event. Many people, myself included, look forward to time out there thinking and enjoying the idea that this is making me healthier. Some people though just don’t buy into the idea of running or walking. Continue reading #1 Reason to Run…Being Chased By Pirates

Two Magic Words….Me too!


I seem to be constantly talking about running in my post, but I want to make sure that everyone understands that I am for the most part referring to moving, not running. I firmly believe that most people today need to move more to be healthier. I don’t just mean physical health, but also mental health. Getting outside and moving gives a person time to process life. Doing it with friends give you a chance to build relationships. Continue reading Two Magic Words….Me too!

Muscle Cramps – Bananas vs Water vs Pickle Juice….Or Does It Even Matter

muscle cramp

My entire life I have fought muscles cramps. I have had cramps in my legs, toes, feet and even had my lower jaw get a muscle cramp one time. That one brought tears to my eyes. I can’t tell you how many times I have leaped out of bed in the middle of the night to get pressure on my foot. Cramps are never fun, but for me getting woke up by one, while dead asleep is absolutely the worst.
Continue reading Muscle Cramps – Bananas vs Water vs Pickle Juice….Or Does It Even Matter

Cool Saturday Run

The group run this morning was cool in a couple ways. The temp was 43 when we took off which was definetly cool, but also it was cool getting to meet some new people and talk about running. The group is growing and new faces are showing up. I love meeting people, especially runners.

This group has a lot of trail runners so be on the lookout for a group trail run soon.

How Running Played A Role In My New Life

new life

Over the last few years my body and life have gone through some pretty dramatic changes. I have discussed on here that I have lost over 50 lbs. this year with the help of running, but over the last few years my mind and soul have been getting healthier as well.

I have decided other times in the past that I wanted to lose weight. This time though I didn’t want to lose weight, I actually wanted to get healthier. I had realized that without changes I wasn’t going to be around for my wife and daughters long term. I was selfishly eating things that made me happy, but ultimately they would be paying the price at some time in the future. When that really clicked in my mind eating better became easier and I knew running would get help me reach my goals. Continue reading How Running Played A Role In My New Life