New Focus – New Diet



If you have read much on here you know that running for me began as a journey to lose weight. It wasn’t a desire to become a runner or to create a running group/website. It was purely the fact that I was obese and didn’t want to stay that way. I started dieting and realized that being extremely strict with calories was difficult for me and adding running made the calorie equation easier to handle. More movement = more calories burned and that means that more calories can be consumed. Continue reading New Focus – New Diet

Thanksgiving Recovery Run


I don’t know about you, but I over did it yesterday. That sweet potato casserole was good enough to make me go back for seconds. Now I need to run. A couple of us are planning to meet at 9:30 at Orange Leaf to go for a 6 mile run through town. Come join us if you can. We will most likely run around a 9:00 pace, but that can be adjusted some if you you want a little more or less.

Being Cozy Isn’t Always Good

Go For It

If you and I have talked very long at all about running you probably know that my motto for running is: Running is a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to keep going and the part that wants to stop.

I firmly believe that to be true. Anyone that gets started running knows that when you come up to a big hill the battle starts. You may get a quarter of the way up the hill or maybe past failures have you questioning yourself even sooner, but at some point you start thinking “OK, I need to stop and walk.” Continue reading Being Cozy Isn’t Always Good

Fitbit Says Runners Are Fitter And They Are Experts On Fit

fitbit runner

I am a huge fan of Garmin products and have really questioned over the last few years the accuracy that Fitbit could be getting on their units without GPS. I bought my wife a Fitbit this summer. I settled on the fact that it may not be very accurate, but no matter how accurate it is tracking movement gives you an opportunity to get motivation. After seeing it in action I can concede that it may be a little more accurate than I thought, but I will still need my Garmin GPS. Fitbit is doing what it can to win over runners though. Continue reading Fitbit Says Runners Are Fitter And They Are Experts On Fit

Running and Flinstone Vitamins…A Perfect Comparison

running is bad

There is at least some truth to the argument all serious runners have heard at some point. Running really can be bad for you. We are all aware of how running can make your knees and feet feel. It is OK to admit that running isn’t always a good thing. Does that seem like an odd statement from a group called Run Richmond? Stick with me here and see if you don’t agree. Continue reading Running and Flinstone Vitamins…A Perfect Comparison

Holiday Foods May Be Worth An Extra Few Miles

holiday feast

We all know what time of year it is. It is the time of year that we work hard to keep from messing up the healthier you that you created the rest of the year. It is a lot easier to get out of bed and go run or walk after you have lost 15 or 20 pounds. If you are like me the idea of getting that back is pretty scary. It seems like what you have worked so hard for from January -October can just disappear in November and December. The idea of going through the holidays, with all those family dinners, can be enough to make you give up and just ignore your body. Continue reading Holiday Foods May Be Worth An Extra Few Miles

Your Body is a Porsche


If you are reading this you are most likely a runner or walker. That probably means that you have decided the thing that you want to do to stay healthy, or lose weight, is running and walking. Some people love weights or crossfit or pilates or yoga or whatever else there is to do now, but most people on this website enjoy running. Continue reading Your Body is a Porsche

We Have A Winner

Eric Baldwin

Congratulations again to Eric Baldwin for winning the Swiftwick socks. Just like a good Run Richmond reader should he ran right out to Soft Shoe and made his choice. We fully expect you to wear these socks anytime you run with Run Richmond so make sure you don’t use them during the week. :-)

Thanks again to Soft Shoe for your support of Run Richmond and getting this great photo of Eric and his prize. I see lots of running shoes in the background. I was talking yesterday about trail shoes maybe I need to come by and try a pair of those Hoka Ones.