All I Want For Christmas…

All I want


As runners I feel like it is time to be honest with ourselves…there are a lot of things that we can put on a wish list. When it comes right down to it all you need to run is a pair of shoes and some clothes you probably already own. But, there are a lot of things that will most likely make you jump for joy if it is under your tree.

I have your back so I searched the internet and found some deals online that you can share with the people that love you so just maybe you will be motivated to run on December 26. Continue reading All I Want For Christmas…

If People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running.

Been a crazy day so far, but this video made me literally laugh out loud. A little bit of language pops in from time to time, but it is from so I think it is actually pretty tame considering the source.

FYI the way they portray Color Runs is exactly what I imagine in my head and why I haven’t done one yet.


Cold Group Run

group run_generic2

We had some new faces show up last week for the run and that gets me excited about what Run Richmond is starting to accomplish.  There has been some questions sent to me over the last couple of weeks about our group runs and I want to make sure I address those for anyone else wondering. Run Richmond is technically considered a “Running Group”, but I am not a person that likes to fit into molds and I don’t have the intention of creating a traditional “Running Group”. Continue reading Cold Group Run

The Perfect Run

Man with watch

There are a lot of variable that would go into figuring out what would be a perfect run. First and most importantly it would be determined by what you are trying to accomplish. I perfect training run for a 5K would be vastly different than a perfect training run for a marathon. Neither of those would look like the perfect run for weight loss or a race. There are some common factors that I think we can all shoot for that would be part of a perfect run for most any goal.  I have narrowed it down to 4, see if you agree. Continue reading The Perfect Run

Cut Yourself Some Slack

lady runner

Run Richmond is a young group and we have several people coming that I believe would consider themselves fairly new to running or walking. That is a great thing considering one of my goals for Run Richmond is to get more people moving and focused on their health. I know it can be very intimidating to walk into a new group and be the new person, but even worse consider yourself not worthy or up to par with the others in the group.  Continue reading Cut Yourself Some Slack

Resolution Run, My New Gut Check

resolution run

They named it the Resolution Run, but I plan to start using this race as a gut check each year. What better than a 5 mile run each January 1 to see if you have kept up with your training throughout the year. Plus you get the added bonus of motivation to  make sure you don’t over do it with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

I plan to sign up for this one and encourage you to do the same. Run Richmond can make the Resolution Run our first group race. If there is enough interest I could even get Run Richmond shirts made that we can wear.

Running or walking either one is OK for this. If you think you aren’t going to have a good enough time sign up anyway. The goal for this race each January should be to see how you have changed in a year. This is perfect for beginning runners and walkers. It has enough distance to give you a good challenge, but not so much that it isn’t doable. I looked the course map up and it is flat so you don’t have to worry about hills messing with your motivation. Get that first time recorded this year and see how much better you do after a year of group runs with Run Richmond.

Races Are Faster in December…It’s Too Cold to Run Slow!


I have learned over the years that for me and many others the best way to stay motivated to train is to have something to train for. It is easy, especially in the winter, to convince yourself that skipping today won’t hurt much. Then maybe skipping one day leads to two days and the next thing you know you are only exercising every now and then with no real focus. Continue reading Races Are Faster in December…It’s Too Cold to Run Slow!

New Focus – New Diet



If you have read much on here you know that running for me began as a journey to lose weight. It wasn’t a desire to become a runner or to create a running group/website. It was purely the fact that I was obese and didn’t want to stay that way. I started dieting and realized that being extremely strict with calories was difficult for me and adding running made the calorie equation easier to handle. More movement = more calories burned and that means that more calories can be consumed. Continue reading New Focus – New Diet