It’s Been A Struggle

Its A Struggle

If you are anything like me your motivation for anything will have peaks and valley’s. Running is a major part of my life now. I enjoy doing it and it enables me to work towards the fitness goals I have for myself. It seems like those two thinks alone would be enough to keep me motivated to stay at it. It is logical that if something is good for you and you enjoy it that you will be able to get yourself to do it. This may not surprise any of you that know me, but I have never been an extremely logical person. Continue reading It’s Been A Struggle

Are You A Real Runner?

bad weather

If this whole running this is fairly new to you then you probably doubted at some point that you are a real runner. When we make a life change and try to move into new habits it takes a long time before the new habits feel like the real you. It’s easy to think of your self as a lazy person pretending to be a runner or even walker. In reality that is crazy. The only thing you need to do to become a real runner or walker is to get up and move. There is no qualification system, no times that must be met and most importantly no secret meetings that the real runners go to. Continue reading Are You A Real Runner?

Shhh…I Have A Couple Secrets To Tell You


That’s right today I turn 41 and I am not afraid to admit it. The main reason I am not afraid to own being 41 is that this year has been pretty amazing. I am better physically, spiritually and even maybe a little bit more mature. Over all I feel like I have gained a new perspective on life over the last year and now I am living life trying to find ways to be more of a giver and less of a receiver.

Run Richmond has come on late in the last year, but it has played a major role in motivating me to stay focused and on track. My first thoughts about Run Richmond were in October and half way through December we have had probably 20 different people show up for group runs, thousands of visitors to the website and as of Monday a meeting that has cemented plans for the next step for Run Richmond.

Continue reading Shhh…I Have A Couple Secrets To Tell You

Your Definition Of Success Can Change Your Point Of View

Empty asphalt road towards cloud and signs symbolizing success a

I believe one of the most important things a person can do to have success is set goals. Because of my faith I am a fan of setting big goals and working as hard as I can for it and then letting God get me the rest of the way. Some people need to have little wins along the way to stay motivated and there is nothing wrong with that. So along with your big goal set some more attainable things along the path that let you know you are actually getting somewhere.

If you are running or walking either one you are doing more to improve your physical self than the majority of Americans. Celebrate that in and of itself as a win. Maybe you aren’t meeting the big goal you have for yourself at this time, but are you living into a lifestyle that is making you a better person? Are you working towards habits that are going to help you get closer to your ultimate goal? If so, you have wins to celebrate. Continue reading Your Definition Of Success Can Change Your Point Of View

Really Cold Runs Are In Our Future

Cold Runs

I have written on here before about cold weather runs and I know eventually it is going to get cold and stay cold. This weekend I was running in shorts and a tank top and sweating a lot. That is not normal for December. That is also not going to last. I don’t care what your beliefs are about global warming, at some point it is going to get cold and stay cold for a long period of time. Continue reading Really Cold Runs Are In Our Future

Watch-vs-App The GPS Battle – It Isn’t Really A Fair Fight

forerunner10sI have said it before on this site and I will say it again at some point, but you really only need a good pair of shows and some clothes you probably already own to run. With that being said, you most likely want to keep track of what you are actually running somehow and most people start off doing that with their smartphone. There are lots of apps available to track your runs, walks, hikes & bikes and most of them do a really good job of organizing the data in a way that will let you see your progress. Continue reading Watch-vs-App The GPS Battle – It Isn’t Really A Fair Fight

Why I Think Every Runner and Walker Should Enter Race


If you are new to running or even if you have been running on your treadmill or through your subdivision for years I want to challenge you to run a race. If you have already done it good for you. I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of the experience. But, if you haven’t you may see images like the one above and think “No way, that’s not me.” Well you may be correct, because the people you see in the forefront are lean mean running machines. Most of us are not that. Most of us are normal people working our jobs, taking care of our families and trying to find some time to get out and run (or walk) to keep our mind clear and our bodies healthy. Continue reading Why I Think Every Runner and Walker Should Enter Race

All I Want For Christmas…

All I want


As runners I feel like it is time to be honest with ourselves…there are a lot of things that we can put on a wish list. When it comes right down to it all you need to run is a pair of shoes and some clothes you probably already own. But, there are a lot of things that will most likely make you jump for joy if it is under your tree.

I have your back so I searched the internet and found some deals online that you can share with the people that love you so just maybe you will be motivated to run on December 26. Continue reading All I Want For Christmas…

If People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running.

Been a crazy day so far, but this video made me literally laugh out loud. A little bit of language pops in from time to time, but it is from so I think it is actually pretty tame considering the source.

FYI the way they portray Color Runs is exactly what I imagine in my head and why I haven’t done one yet.