Group Runs

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Most Saturdays we have informal group runs at White Hall State Historic Site at 7:30 am. We meet at White Hall Park and take off in groups or individuals depending on each person’s goal for the day. Walking and run/walk combo is perfectly acceptable. We have lots of people that are just getting started or just getting back into running. So set your alarm and get outside and get your Saturday started right.

Once a month we are leaving White Hall Park and heading out to new ground to mix things up. The setup will be the same, 8:00 am and everyone welcome. We just want to add variety so our bodies don’t get settled into some comfy routines. If you want to follow along and know what our plans are for any particular Saturday you can follow our page on FaceBook and specifically keep on eye on our FaceBook Events.

Group Runs are open to anyone. We have long distance runners, short distance runners, run/walkers and walkers join us. If you are interested in movement to get or stay healthy come out and join us.