A New Year

January 3rd brings us the first group run of 2016. I’m excited about things to come this year, but I’m sitting here in the car dreading getting out. It’s 22 degrees outside and we still have a few brave souls willing to get up and come join me for a run.

I’m impressed!

All I Want For Christmas…

All I want


As runners I feel like it is time to be honest with ourselves…there are a lot of things that we can put on a wish list. When it comes right down to it all you need to run is a pair of shoes and some clothes you probably already own. But, there are a lot of things that will most likely make you jump for joy if it is under your tree.

I have your back so I searched the internet and found some deals online that you can share with the people that love you so just maybe you will be motivated to run on December 26. Continue reading All I Want For Christmas…

Cut Yourself Some Slack

lady runner

Run Richmond is a young group and we have several people coming that I believe would consider themselves fairly new to running or walking. That is a great thing considering one of my goals for Run Richmond is to get more people moving and focused on their health. I know it can be very intimidating to walk into a new group and be the new person, but even worse consider yourself not worthy or up to par with the others in the group.  Continue reading Cut Yourself Some Slack

Races Are Faster in December…It’s Too Cold to Run Slow!


I have learned over the years that for me and many others the best way to stay motivated to train is to have something to train for. It is easy, especially in the winter, to convince yourself that skipping today won’t hurt much. Then maybe skipping one day leads to two days and the next thing you know you are only exercising every now and then with no real focus. Continue reading Races Are Faster in December…It’s Too Cold to Run Slow!

Fitbit Says Runners Are Fitter And They Are Experts On Fit

fitbit runner

I am a huge fan of Garmin products and have really questioned over the last few years the accuracy that Fitbit could be getting on their units without GPS. I bought my wife a Fitbit this summer. I settled on the fact that it may not be very accurate, but no matter how accurate it is tracking movement gives you an opportunity to get motivation. After seeing it in action I can concede that it may be a little more accurate than I thought, but I will still need my Garmin GPS. Fitbit is doing what it can to win over runners though. Continue reading Fitbit Says Runners Are Fitter And They Are Experts On Fit

Holiday Foods May Be Worth An Extra Few Miles

holiday feast

We all know what time of year it is. It is the time of year that we work hard to keep from messing up the healthier you that you created the rest of the year. It is a lot easier to get out of bed and go run or walk after you have lost 15 or 20 pounds. If you are like me the idea of getting that back is pretty scary. It seems like what you have worked so hard for from January -October can just disappear in November and December. The idea of going through the holidays, with all those family dinners, can be enough to make you give up and just ignore your body. Continue reading Holiday Foods May Be Worth An Extra Few Miles



Run Richmond is still just getting started as an organization. I have been extremely excited and encouraged by the support you guys have shown so far. We have had 3 group runs so far and at least 6 people have been at each. I have talked to numerous people about future plans for Run Richmond and each time I get positive feed back and offers to help out.

I don’t know what exactly Run Richmond will eventually grow into, but I do know that what it is now is the beginning of real community. Continue reading LETS CELEBRATE WITH FREE GEAR!