Life Lessons From Running

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The benefits of running are numerous and many of the are easy to spot. Obviously, better health comes to mind and that is a big reason for a lot of people to continue running. Over the last year I have had a significant change in my health and running has played a significant role in that. But, there are other benefits to running that have played just as significant of a role in my life as better health.

I can think of lots of lessons I learned through running and I may do another post later with more, but here are 3 things I have learned from running that has made me a better person. Continue reading Life Lessons From Running

Life Isn’t Always Easy. What You Do When It’s Hard Tells A Lot About You.


I have been working behind the scenes some helping with some stuff for the Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K and the response from our community has blown me away. Not only is there around 1000 participants signed up now, but there are approximately 40 businesses/organizations that have given to support the race and foundation. There will be over 100 people there that day volunteering their time to make this a memorable event. That’s not even counting the 40 or so organizations that are planning to set up tents and be part of the day. Continue reading Life Isn’t Always Easy. What You Do When It’s Hard Tells A Lot About You.

Being Comfortable Can Be What’s Holding You Back

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I have noticed over the last several weeks that a lot of the people showing up for our Group Runs are consistently increasing their distance. When we got started at the end of 2015 we had several people that would run 2 or 3 miles and a few that would do more some weekends. We also had a mix of walkers that would show up and brave the cold. Now I see people consistently  going for distances of 6, 10 or even 12 miles. My guess is that as we continue into the spring those distances are going to keep climbing, and I hope that the number of walkers keeps climbing as well. Continue reading Being Comfortable Can Be What’s Holding You Back

Focus and Patience Can Take You Farther Than You Ever Dreamed


I think it is pretty obvious that as a culture Americans are growing more and more impatient over time. That is really unfortunate because at the same time we are growing more and more unhealthy. I think there is a direct correlation between a person’s willingness to work a system and let things happen as they should and that same person’s overall physical condition.

Very few people don’t have a desire to live a healthier lifestyle. The problem is that living healthy takes a little extra work. It takes diet, exercise, healthy work/life balance and many other factors. Frequently we make a decision to get healthier (maybe around January 1) and a month later we have gone back to our old habits. Why is that? Why is it so difficult to make the necessary changes? Continue reading Focus and Patience Can Take You Farther Than You Ever Dreamed

Need For Community Is In Us From The Beginning

I talk a lot on here about Run Richmond building community for runners and walkers in and around Richmond. This video proves that even though as we get older sometimes we lose track of what is important, as kids we all want community. We all are designed to want to feel connected. Family is the best place to find that. I encourage you to make time for the people that are important to you. If you have trouble squeezing in more time, bring them to a Run Richmond Group Run with you and you will have anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hours to talk as you walk or run.  My runs with my family are without a doubt the most rewarding.

Ryan Hall, Runner & Dad

ryan hall


If running is a new thing to you or if you are a walker that has no desire to run you may have never heard the name Ryan Hall. If you have followed running for any time at all you most likely have. Ryan is arguable the greatest American distance runner of all time. Ryan is the fastest American Marathoner (2:04:58) and the 1/2 marathon record holder. His 1/2 marathon is under 1 hour and he is the only American to ever accomplish that. Continue reading Ryan Hall, Runner & Dad

Prove Something To Yourself Or Someone Else


Determined is a word that I think can describe a lot of runners. Sometimes you are determined to improve, sometimes to teach your body who is in charge or maybe sometimes to prove to yourself you are capable. Determination is a quality that most people probably wish they could have a little more of. I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “Well, things would have worked out better if I had been less determined to reach my goal.” Now I will agree that sometimes in hind sight you can realize that your goal wasn’t the correct goal and maybe reaching the goal wasn’t a good thing, but being determined is almost always a good thing. Continue reading Prove Something To Yourself Or Someone Else

What’s Your Goal?

ZucksIf there is one thing I have learned over the last few years is that you need to choose carefully the people that you model your life after. A lot of people have a lot of ideas and are perfectly willing to pass these ideas off as the best way to do something. Or they have great ideas for you, but they are unwilling or worse unable to live them out themselves.

I have no real opinion of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, in most instances but one area of his life has always fascinated me. Mark knows how to set a good goal for himself. Continue reading What’s Your Goal?