Wait…It’s Over? Was Summer Shorter This Year?


Well that was a fast summer. I had big plans for this summer and somehow it seems to have disappeared before I could even get started. Most local schools are starting back today and with that my schedule goes from starting early if I want a morning run to starting VERY early if I want a morning run. I love morning runs, but I hate VERY early morning runs. Continue reading Wait…It’s Over? Was Summer Shorter This Year?

9 Days, 3 Guys, a Camera & Lots of Miles

I will be traveling out west for the next 9 days and will be posting photos from my runs and hikes. As I post photos to my Flickr account (if I did this correct) they will be added to this gallery. If I didn’t do this correctly you can follow along over at Flickr here. I hope you enjoy the photos and I will see you when I get back. Continue reading 9 Days, 3 Guys, a Camera & Lots of Miles

Run Richmond Horse Capital Half Finishers

horse cap half finish2

I am excited to be able to acknowledge Tim Humber and David Turpin for both running the Horse Capital Half Marathon last Saturday and finishing under 2 hours.

Tim and I both were going new distances at the Horse Capital. I ran my first full and he ran is first half. Tim set a goal and nailed it. Being under 2 hours on a half is something to be proud of. Being under 2 hours on your first half is really impressive. Being under 2 hours on your first half with a hilly course and you are killing it. Tim absolutely killed it. Congrats!

David was the very first person to show up to a Run Richmond group run and has probably logged more miles with me than anyone else. I appreciate his friendship and advice, but also admire his dedication and heart. I know one week in particular I was going for 15 miles and would have never made it without David pulling me along. There was also the week that I was running 20 miles and he was struggling with a foot issue. I left from our group run and headed out on a tour of northern Madison County and made it back a few hours later. When I got back David was there circling the pond trying to stay loose. He never admitted waiting to see how I did on the 20 miles, but I have a feeling that was the case and it meant a lot. After finishing the full Saturday I crossed the finish line and heard a voice yell from the side. I looked over and there was David cheering me on.  I don’t know if he set a half PR on Saturday or not, but I know that if he didn’t it’s probably because he stopped to check on some other runner or to rescue some stray cat stuck in a tree. Running is his passion, but being a great person is his gift. Continue reading Run Richmond Horse Capital Half Finishers

Mother Nature is Messing with Me


We have been pretty lucky so far with out Run Richmond group runs. We have had days that are colder than expected and even snow on the ground for several, but I don’t remember a Saturday morning that we really had to deal with a lot of rain. I believe that is about to change. It appears as though tomorrow morning we are going to be getting wet. Not just a little wet…predictions are for rain storms from before sunrise to late afternoon. So my question to you is…which is more important, your training/exercise or your need to stay dry.

Tomorrow just happens to be 3 weeks from the Horse Capital Marathon. That only matters to this post because 3 weeks out from training for a marathon is when many training programs have you run the longest training run before the actual 26.2 on race day. So tomorrow I am scheduled to run 20 miles. The most I have ever ran (and considered a success) is 15 miles. I had knee trouble on my 16 mile run and quit early and I had issues with dehydration and knee trouble on my 18 mile run and ended up walking close to half of it. So this run is really important to me to give me the confidence I need to finish the 26.2.

This is the week that mother natures decides to throw a nasty rain storm into the mix. It could be to test my determination. It could be to keep me from getting dehydrated, God knows I need help with that. No matter what the reason if it isn’t lightning (that’s a game changer) I will be out there sloshing through puddles for around 3 hours trying to get 20 miles in.

I hope to see you at White Hall in the morning. Umbrellas are optional.

On The 9th Day God Created Running

Fell running is an unusual sport - some think it''s mad, but many think it''s great. This photo captures the soul of the sport, as man skirts the fine edge between civilisation and raw nature.

After God rested on the 7th day we learned from Paul Harvey that he made farmers on the 8th day. I believe He decided that He needed a special gift to give His people….so on the 9th day He created Running.

“I need something that will inspire people to get up early, just to wear themselves out. Something that most believe will break down your body, but hopefully clear your mind, but in reality will transform both. Something that the harder you work your body and make it hate you, the better you feel about the pain and what it means.” So God created Running.

He said, “I need something that will show people that their body can do so much more than they ever believed. They need to know that the only thing limiting their abilities is the fear that keeps them for pushing harder. I need an activity that shows people how to overcome their limitations no matter if it’s their first attempt or their 1000th attempt.” So God created Running.

God wanted people that would not only admire the creation He gave us, but to go out and explore it. People that dream about blazing new trails and going higher, faster, farther than ever before. So He created Runners.

God knew that He needed people that could inspire others to live healthy. People that would share their knowledge and share their experiences with people that want to make a change. God knew that these people would sometimes struggle. He knew that people would often mock their attempts to become better. So God gave runners a determination that is second to none.

God knew that not everyone would have the same physical abilities. He knew that some would exceed where others fail, but He wanted runners to have a level of self awareness and contentment that kept them from ever feeling like a failure. So God taught runners that the only failure is a failure to try.

God knew that above all else He needed a way for these runners to find and support each other. He needed a way for them to be pulled forward by those ahead while at the same time pulling up those behind. God knew that community would have to be a big part of this great endeavor He called running so God then created running groups.

Run Richmond is here not to fulfill any goal except to support and build a larger, stronger running community in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Our community is full of runners looking for people to run with. Our community is full of even more people that want to find a way to make a change. I want to be part of that change for as many people as possible. I want you to be part of that change for many others.

Run Richmond isn’t a group of people that run together because it’s fun. It’s a group of people that run because we want to be better people. Some run or walk for mental health and other for physical health. Come out and join us some Saturday morning and see just how good it feels to start a process that can change you…inside and out.


Sometimes A Change In Plans Is A Good Thing


I haven’t ran since last Saturday to rest my knee that forced me to quit my 16 mile run at 13 miles. I was thinking about the fact that this has been one of the busiest weeks I have had in quite a while and the timing of that “injury” was actually perfect. Not having to figure out how to squeeze runs in this week has been a real blessing. I for one don’t believe those things work out that way by chance.

What that also got me to thinking about was that in some ways I get to start again. Granted missing one week isn’t taking me back to the beginning, but I do feel like I get a fresh start to my training. So this week I want to concentrate on learning from past mistakes so that I can do it better this time. That can be as simple as wearing a brace on my knee to prevent further injury all the way up to trying to change my stride to have a more efficient run. Continue reading Sometimes A Change In Plans Is A Good Thing

The Type Of Race Doesn’t Matter…What Matters Is That Your Are Doing It!


As runners we have lots of options when choosing a race to put on our schedule. If you are doing 5K there are 5K races most weekends within a short drive of anywhere. If you are wanting to do something longer like a 10K or Half/Full Marathon you don’t have quite the same number of options, but still plenty to choose from. Continue reading The Type Of Race Doesn’t Matter…What Matters Is That Your Are Doing It!

Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K Recap


What a great morning. I saw Run Richmond runners getting medals and the people of Richmond having a great time. The Crossroads band was amazing and even though it was a little cold there was no rain.

That what races are supposed to be. That is what I want Run Richmond races to be. Put the Historic Haunt on your schedule….Oct. 22nd.

The best part of today was watching Katie Ellis running around smiling and chatting with people like everyone was a long lost friend.  She is a real inspiration to me and I am so honored to have had the chance to meet her and be part of this.

I love Learning…Just Not The Same Lesson Over And Over


If you keep learning the same lesson over and over again are you really learning the lesson?

I can think of many areas of my life where over the years I have learned a lesson and thought I won’t make that mistake again. The problem is that more often then I would like to admit I end up doing just that. I ran The Perfect 10 Mile race last weekend and  learned a valuable lesson. That lesson is that it is very important to develop a plan for a race and stick to that plan. The only problem is that I learned that exact lesson at a 5K race last year. Something is telling me that I may be a slow learner.

Continue reading I love Learning…Just Not The Same Lesson Over And Over