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Workout of the Week #3


Workout of the Week #3 “Progressive Endurance” Left over Right

My name is Trent Funk and I am a previous college athlete who is on the down hill side of my 40s heading for 50 and am ready to call on my inner warrior to come out, get motivated and make another stand. This is my 3 rd installment where I try new workouts and relay to you the joys and pains of the process.
Here’s a quick update on my status / progress.
Nacho Libre stretch - I want a Hot BODY But i also want tacos!Last week I was in Leon Mexico on business and got a couple of easy runs in with the one benefit being that I was at 6000 feet altitude. However the meme accurately captures my experience as I woke up 1 week later with my “fancy clothes” being tighter to due to 3 extra pounds of tacos.

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Exercise IS Planned Adversity


We can talk all down about how adversity can wreck our lives. Or how adversity has kept us from doing what it is that we feel called to do. What I think we need to be doing is trying to look at adversity from a different perspective. Adversity is what makes us stronger. I whole-heartedly believe that adversity is required to make us grow. That is to grow mentally or more…

In 2016 We Got Better, In 2017 Lets Do The Same


Congrats to David and Tim on their first and second place finishes in the Resolution Run on 12-31-16. David had a 1st in age group finish and Tim was 2nd. I ran that race last year and there were lots of runners and it was a fun race. I am glad I didn’t have that one on my schedule this year because those two would have blown by me and then I would have killed myself trying to keep up. read more…

It’s Winter And I Would Still Rather Run Outside


Treadmill running is pretty much evil if you ask me and since you most likely clicked something to get here I am going to pretend you actually asked me. Somehow I always run harder and excerpt more energy on the treadmill than I do on the same run outside, at least that is how it feels. I can knock out 8:30 miles for a couple hours outside and still feel pretty good. I can get on the treadmill and run 30 minutes at what it tells me would be an 8:45 pace and be begging for more…

It’s Official! Run Richmond’s 2nd Race is Happening!


Details have been in the works for a while now, but it has finally came together. The Inaugural Water to Wine 5K will be May 12th 2017 at Chenault Vineyards. As I have talked to people about this race and described what the plans are there has been one phrase that has stuck out to me. Each conversation ends including the statement “Is it a race or is it a party?”. I don’t believe we have to choose. I say we put on the best 5K Vineyard Run possible and follow that up with the best post race party you have ever been to. read more…

Wow…You Guys Were Awesome!!!


For the last 5 or 6 months, I have been thinking about and planning the Historic Haunt in my head almost non-stop. Clearly, there are things that I didn’t think of and things that just didn’t work out the way I had wanted. At the end of the day though I can look back and see the images in my mind of the people crossing the finish line with huge smiles on their face…and that makes me happy and it a successful more…

2016 Race Photos

The Picture Lade (Ruby) is on it. We already have our pictures available. Hope you enjoy.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work



If you are reading a post on this website there is a pretty good chance that you have run at least one 5K before and quite possibly a lot of other races. When I decided to start Run Richmond  had some idea of what would be involved to start a running organization. I had done several 5Ks and at that point a couple half marathons. I expected to have to put a considerable amount of effort into this therefore, I don’t feel I had an overly optimistic vision of what I was getting into. What I have found out is how much more planning needs to go into this than I realized. Things need to happen in a certain time frame to keep things moving forward correctly. If something isn’t finished, or started, on time then it can create a snowball effect that will be hard to recover from.
Here is the bad news. I am not a planner. I don’t have a paper planner that I put things in and I don’t utilize an online calendar as much as I should. So there have been times that I could have gotten into trouble, but luckily I have surrounded myself with great people. My wife, Trent, Bob Baney, and many others have been around to help when things need to be done.

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Kids That Run Can Be Healthier…Inside and Out


I was driving into work this morning and heard on the radio that it is Child Health Awareness Day or something like that. I tried to find more info about it online when I got to work and can’t find anything. That doesn’t really matter, because in reality every day should be focused on the mental and physical health of the children around us so that is what I am going to more…

Group Runs = Community = Success


Over the last almost year that Run Richmond has been in existence the one constant has been our group runs on Saturday morning. I was amazed when I scheduled the first one and people showed up. I will be totally honest and tell you that I didn’t expect anyone to join me so I scheduled it on a weekend that my brother-in-law was going to be in town because I knew he would come. I padded the numbers…I had my family and his family that had us at 8 for our very first week no matter what happened.

I had invited several people I knew and had heard from most of them that they had plans or they would try. I was pretty confident no one would show. I got there early in case anyone else showed up early and planned to patiently wait by myself until my built in safety net showed up. When I pulled in I noticed a car over in the historic house parking lot. After I got parked that car started backing up and then drove over and parked next to me. My initial thought was “Oh Crap! Now what do I do?” I had no idea if the person was there to run or if the person had ever heard of Run Richmond. It turns out that it was a runner and he did come for the group run. David Turpin showed up that day and ran with me and my family. Since the first group run I have probably ran more miles with David Turpin than any other person I know. David pushed me to get through a couple of the worst marathon training runs I did. For that alone I am more…

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