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2018 Is My Reward For Surviving 2017

millrace_pic2018 has been a great year for me as a runner. I have learned a lot about running over the last few years as well as a lot about myself.  read more…

Madison Living Magazine Features Run Richmond

Madison+Living - displayCheck out the article that Madison Living  did on Run Richmond.

Link to the digital publication is here.

Sometimes You Just Can’t Get A Good Balance


Have you ever been in one of those periods in your life where it seemed like running ate up all of your time? I am fairly positive if you are a marathoner, training for that the first one gave you that feeling. I can remember training for mine and thinking that it seems all I ever do is run and work. To be honest, that doesn’t sound that bad right now. But, when you are on mile 18 and have to get to 20 or 22 your perspective on that more…

Historic Haunt

Historic Haunt-Brave-Enough2017

At this point, we are just weeks away from the 2nd Annual Historic Haunt. Details are coming together, sponsorships are about to be announced and the planning is almost over. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the Historic Haunt this year. Everything is going to be better. The county just added a big new parking lot so we don’t have to stress about getting everyone parked. We have a great new Run Richmond finish line so when you come sprinting into the finish and we get those great finish line photos there will be a big Run Richmond logo for the world to see. Plus when you cross that line you can grab a water bottle to rehydrate and then walk right over to either the food truck for food energy or the fire pit to roast a marshmallow. This is going to be more…

DIY Bib and Medal (Memory) Display

Medal Display

As a runner the pain of training days make the joy of successfully achieving that goal even sweeter. It’s kind of sad to not enjoy that feeling more often than just race day and really there are only 2 ways I can think of to stoke the fire of those great memories. First, join a community. We were all made with an innate desire to be a part of community. I casually interact with my University of West Georgia Cross Country team through a FB group or you could join a local running group. We at Run Richmond meet weekly at White Hall State Shrine in Richmond Kentucky 3 Saturday’s a month and travel to a visit a new running spot once a month. All runners, walkers and generally people of any skill level are welcome and we ‘d love to see you out there. Second, build a cool Bib and Medal display to start the conversation with guests you host. read more…

It’s Not How You Start That Matters

how you start

The statement “It’s not how you start that matters” could fit into so many different situations. We all know that how you finish is so much more important than how we start. That counts for relationships, weight loss, races and so many other areas. I agree 100% with the common finish to that statement…It’s How You Finish That Matters Most. But, I do question the idea that is being insinuated; how you start certainly does matter.

read more…

What Truth About You May Be A Lie?


Sometimes the truth we accept for ourselves is not what it seems. The lie is big, but it can hide itself in your truth and the lie can keep you down for a long time. We all go through life with a certain set of beliefs about the people around us. We can talk for days about the beliefs that we carry for other people and the numerous ways that we have been proven wrong. I bet everyone one of us could think of a story where we assumed something to be a true about a person and then at some point we found out we had it completely wrong.

Here is what I want to make sure you understand today…YOU ARE BELIEVING LIES ABOUT YOURSELF. We all go through life with a certain set of beliefs about ourselves. Those beliefs are what sets us up for failure. The lies that we believe keep us from doing the things that we desire to do or feel the need to do. I am not good enough…I am not smart enough…I am not skinny enough…I am not able. These are all statements that box us in and keep us in our current situation.

If we desire change in our situation we MUST believe that we can do more, be more, grow more. It is possible that in your current situation your aren’t able or smart enough or whatever, but there is absolutely nothing holding you to that set of circumstances. You just have to stop believing the lie that the person you are today is the person you are stuck being tomorrow. Every single person alive today should be looking for ways to make their future self better than their current self. We are not a finished product.

A few years ago I changed my circumstances drastically. The lie I had always told myself was that I wasn’t able to run. I tried a few times to run and would struggle and accept the defeat as proof that I wasn’t a runner. Then something clicked and I decided that I didn’t need to go from couch to 5K. Maybe I could be a walker that ran some for a while. After that I could be a runner that walked some. It really didn’t take long for me to realize that what I had believed was a lie and that I absolutely could be a runner.

I didn’t need to prove that to anyone else. I needed to prove it to myself. I was the one that was believing the lie. I was the one that was boxing myself in and keeping me stuck in that set of consequences. I am not one of those people that believes if you work hard you can be anything you want to be. We all have God given gifts that help us excel in some areas more than others. No matter how hard I worked I was never going to be a member of Boys II Men. I may have “practiced” those songs a ton in high school, but it just never worked out. Truth is that I am not a good singer, maybe not even a decent singer. The difference is that I never really felt a pull to try and become a singer. I love to sing with the radio, but I know my ability and I am OK with that. I did have a strong desire to become healthier and I felt like running was going to be part of that. But the lie stopped me for years.

If you have a desire to do something that just won’t go away there is more than likely something behind that. Don’t believe the lies that hold you back. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and work towards a goal. You may never become President of the USA, but I know you can become healthier or happier.

Pasta Party and Water – Is that All Race Prep Is?

running nutrition

It didn’t take me very long as a new runner to figure out the importance of hydration. It did take me quite a bit longer to actually pay attention to nutrition. Actually, it took me until I started training for a half marathon to realize that nutrition influenced my performance. For 5K runs and even 10K distances I can probably survive (but not thrive) with my normal diet and some extra water leading to the run. read more…

What’s Your Word?


It seems to be a popular thing now, at least with ladies in my life, to have a special word for the year. The point is to find a specific word that you feel you need to work on and let that word guide you for the year. It could be something like STRENGTH if you are a person that feels insignificant or doesn’t usually stand up for what is right. Or maybe CALM if you are a person that is highly emotional and gets fired up about things easily. If you want to have some fun look for the people wearing a bracelet with a word like this on it. Don’t let them know you saw the bracelet and start giving them advice around that topic. They will be blown away and you will look like a very insightful person.

I have never had a word before. Never even thought much about having a word of the year. I sat down to write this post today and was planning to write about taking the time to let my ankle heal. The only thing that kept popping into my head was the word PATIENCE. If I was more patient I could wait for a different story idea, but since I’m not I am going with more…

The Running Wife

running wife

I have said before that the running community is an incredibly supportive and encouraging community. I want to prove that by giving a little encouragement and support to The Running Wife (Ashleigh). I don’t know a lot of Ashleigh’s back story, but from what I can tell she made a decision to get healthier and one way she did it was by deciding to run. After making positive changes in her life she has started to focus on the lives of others by creating a blog and doing events to encourage others to get moving. For those of you that know me and my story very well you know that is nearly a perfect match to my story. read more…

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