Sometimes You Have To Go Get A New Friend

old shoesAs runners we often have a special relationship with our shoes. They are the one absolutely necessary piece of equipment needed to go run. Any old shorts and shirt will get the job done, but skimping on shoes will likely not be a mistake you make twice. The other side of that is that at some point we have to let out shoes go. They no longer are the high tech running gear they were when we bought them. Now they are old worn out shoes that just need a good place to lay down and rest. Continue reading Sometimes You Have To Go Get A New Friend

Running Form Does Matter


I have been thinking about running form and specifically cadence a lot lately when I run. It always seemed to make sense to me that a runner with long legs and a long stride will be able to cover more ground and therefore be a more efficient runner. The more I have read and looked into this, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Cadence is the number of full revolutions per minutes by your two feet. So essentially how many times each foot hits the ground in a minute. Studys of Olympic marathon runners show that over 180 is ideal. Now if you have really long legs and a long stride it is hard to get over 180. Unless you have proper running form (or your legs are moving extremely fast). Continue reading Running Form Does Matter

Blaze A New Trail



As a runner habits can be your friend. Developing a habit of getting up and running 3 days a week is a good thing. Developing a habit to get up and run with Run Richmond on Saturdays is a great thing :-)

Some habits though can take away from one major benefit of running…experiencing nature. There are some pretty amazing things to see in the world. There are some pretty spectacular things to see in Madison County. Continue reading Blaze A New Trail

Hydration Isn’t Just A Summer Concern



We all know that if  you are out exercising in the middle of the summer that hydration is important. It can be (and usually is) the key to a good workout or a miserable workout. Your body loses a lot more water in the summer because of the sweat that attempts to keep your body cool. The fact is that most runs in the winter will cause sweating as well. Not only that, but replacing sweat isn’t the only reason to stay well hydrated. Continue reading Hydration Isn’t Just A Summer Concern

What Running Has Done For Me


Sometimes running isn’t exactly what I want to do with my life. To be completely honest I can be pretty lazy. Not to mention the fact that eating is one of my favorite activities. Neither of those two things ties in very well to someone becoming a runner. Something though keeps pulling me back in even though the idea of a 5:30 morning run or a below freezing run in the snow just doesn’t seem like it should be my thing.

Continue reading What Running Has Done For Me

3 Things To Keep In Mind As You Start Running

Lady leg running

Running can offer your body and mind so many benefits that it is hard to count. If you take up running though, a lot of people will start telling you about all the negatives it can have on your body. They aren’t wrong, running can be very hard on your body if you don’t follow a few simples rules. Continue reading 3 Things To Keep In Mind As You Start Running

Treadmills Are Dangerous. Run Outside.

WARNING – Some of these people are shocked when they fall and profanities are apparently their first response to surprise.

I have written on here before about my distain for running on treadmills. It seems like a good plan this time of year. 25 degree temps and short days make good treadmill weather. I get that, but look at how dangerous these things are. 😉

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