Being Comfortable Can Be What’s Holding You Back

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I have noticed over the last several weeks that a lot of the people showing up for our Group Runs are consistently increasing their distance. When we got started at the end of 2015 we had several people that would run 2 or 3 miles and a few that would do more some weekends. We also had a mix of walkers that would show up and brave the cold. Now I see people consistently  going for distances of 6, 10 or even 12 miles. My guess is that as we continue into the spring those distances are going to keep climbing, and I hope that the number of walkers keeps climbing as well. Continue reading Being Comfortable Can Be What’s Holding You Back

Routines Can Hold Us Back – Breaking Them Can Be Amazing


I was talking to a group last night about breaking out of our routines and doing things that open you up to more growth and more opportunities. Sometimes the very things we dread are the things that are going to make the most impact in our training or even in our lives. Continue reading Routines Can Hold Us Back – Breaking Them Can Be Amazing

Cross Training Is Important & Sometimes Fun

basketball_players_0As far as my training went last year, the biggest failure (by far) was actually getting in cross training. When you start running with a goal, mine was the half marathons, you get serious about running. Every training plan that I have looked at has you doing some type of cross training one day a week. During my 12 week training schedule for races last year, I did a grand total of 2 cross training workouts. My mind was focused on running and I just stayed committed to running. I don’t enjoy weights, I don’t enjoy yoga, I really don’t enjoy work out videos. Continue reading Cross Training Is Important & Sometimes Fun

What Motivates You?


When you decide to do something in life there is always a motivating factor. Let’s say for example that you decided to learn how to make apple pie like your grandma made. The motivating factor is either that you really love your grandma’s apple pie or possible that you miss your grandma and you know this will help you feel closer to her.

Figuring out the motivating factor can help you determine the best approach for what you want to accomplish. If you are extremely busy, living a hectic life and just miss your grandma, maybe figuring out the exact recipe and process to make her pie isn’t 100% necessary. Maybe you could spend some time looking through pictures with your family and talking about grandma. If on the other hand you are motivated by the fact that not only do you love her, but you love her pie maybe you need to rearrange your schedule and find a way to get that recipe right. Not only will it help you feel close to her, but it will also help you enjoy that amazing apple pie. Continue reading What Motivates You?

It’s About Race Time (of year)

upcoming-racesWe are getting to that time of year that we really look forward to. Last weekend I got to do my 10 mile training run in shorts and a t-shirt. The winter weather is breaking. Punxsutawney Phil is even on our side. We will certainly still have some cold nasty days, but those should be fewer and mid 50s to 60s are going to happen a lot more often. That means race directors are working over time trying to get you to choose their races.

Many of you reading this (including me) have been full force into your half or full marathon training for weeks. You have a schedule set for the year and you know the big races you plan to do. I heard it said recently that 5K’s have replaced the car wash as the go-to fundraiser. Anyone else notice that running is becoming a lot more popular? I feel that we are at the beginning of a real healthy living trend that is leading us to see more and more runners and walkers. The good news for all these new runners is that they have lots of options. Continue reading It’s About Race Time (of year)

Couch To What?!?!

Ed FinishIf you look at the medal closely it says IronMan. That’s rights IronMan which is one of the toughest endurance sports you can attempt. Our very own Ed Talbott made it a Couch to IronMan. We all have to make decision from every so often if we are going to go for it or pull back and find a new goal. I think we can all steal a little motivation from Ed and he will still have plenty to spare.

If you are interested in ultra endurance events Ed is the guy from Run Richmond you want to talk to. I found out Saturday that he has now signed up for a 100 mile trail race later this year. That makes sense right? What else should you do after finishing a IronMan, but go run 100 miles through the mountains.

Continue reading Couch To What?!?!

A Little Irony In My Post From Last Thursday

Wait-for-perfect-conditionLast Thursday I put this graphic on here and linked an article about Winter Weather Exercise Tips. What I should have been doing is reading that statement to myself a few more times. I put that up right in the middle of a stretch that includes me running zero times in seven days. I haven’t been waiting for perfect weather to get out there. I am not afraid to get a little cold, I know how to properly layer to stay warm. My problem has been something bigger than weather. Continue reading A Little Irony In My Post From Last Thursday

Kat’s Insights A New Run Richmond Feature

Kat's InsightsKat Pagano is an accomplished collegiate runner that has a passion for running that has carried her far. She is currently teaching at EKU’s Dept. of Exercise & Sport Science and is a coach for the Madison Central Cross Country and Track teams. I am extremely excited that Kat has agreed to share some of her knowledge and insights here with us. Continue reading Kat’s Insights A New Run Richmond Feature