Did You Know Running Can Take A Lot Of Your Time?

That video illustrates a point that is becoming very apparent to me as I get closer to my first marathon. Running takes a lot of time. Going out for a 3 mile run on a Saturday morning is one thing. Going out for an 18 to 26 mile run on a Saturday morning is a different thing all together. If you are doing one of the spring races you know what I am talking about. You are at the high point of your weekly mileage and its hard to keep that up and keep the other parts of your life a priority.

I have been doing my version of a Hal Higdon training plan for my marathon. This week the schedule calls for a total of 40 miles. Last month I ran around 86 miles. 40 miles is a big week of running (at least for me). To be fair that is the largest week for this plan, but others weeks have been close. I don’t say this to complain, or look for sympathy for me. I signed up for this and chose the plan and will put in all the work I am able to do. I really bring this up to say thank you to my wife.

If you have a family you can’t take on a challenge like this without them feeling the pressure. Our yard is in the worst shape that is has ever been. Some people probably believe we are starting a dandelion farm. I have little projects all over the house that need done that I haven’t gotten to yet. I know this is aggravating to her because running this race wasn’t her choice it was mine and she is sharing in the burden. I am very appreciative of her and the patience she has had with me.

My race is the Horse Capital Marathon on May 21. Another little fun fact is that day also happens to be my wife’s birthday. She just keeps on sacrificing. :-) I am less than a month away and then the training will likely back off for a while. But as a runner you probably know, just as I do, that another race is on the horizon and soon enough I will be training for that. If you have a spouse that supports you tell them how much you appreciate them. Do something to make them know that you realize that your training affects them as well. Pay them back somehow. Maybe finish something on your honey-do-list. If you don’t have one you can come help me with mine.

On The 9th Day God Created Running

Fell running is an unusual sport - some think it''s mad, but many think it''s great. This photo captures the soul of the sport, as man skirts the fine edge between civilisation and raw nature.

After God rested on the 7th day we learned from Paul Harvey that he made farmers on the 8th day. I believe He decided that He needed a special gift to give His people….so on the 9th day He created Running.

“I need something that will inspire people to get up early, just to wear themselves out. Something that most believe will break down your body, but hopefully clear your mind, but in reality will transform both. Something that the harder you work your body and make it hate you, the better you feel about the pain and what it means.” So God created Running.

He said, “I need something that will show people that their body can do so much more than they ever believed. They need to know that the only thing limiting their abilities is the fear that keeps them for pushing harder. I need an activity that shows people how to overcome their limitations no matter if it’s their first attempt or their 1000th attempt.” So God created Running.

God wanted people that would not only admire the creation He gave us, but to go out and explore it. People that dream about blazing new trails and going higher, faster, farther than ever before. So He created Runners.

God knew that He needed people that could inspire others to live healthy. People that would share their knowledge and share their experiences with people that want to make a change. God knew that these people would sometimes struggle. He knew that people would often mock their attempts to become better. So God gave runners a determination that is second to none.

God knew that not everyone would have the same physical abilities. He knew that some would exceed where others fail, but He wanted runners to have a level of self awareness and contentment that kept them from ever feeling like a failure. So God taught runners that the only failure is a failure to try.

God knew that above all else He needed a way for these runners to find and support each other. He needed a way for them to be pulled forward by those ahead while at the same time pulling up those behind. God knew that community would have to be a big part of this great endeavor He called running so God then created running groups.

Run Richmond is here not to fulfill any goal except to support and build a larger, stronger running community in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Our community is full of runners looking for people to run with. Our community is full of even more people that want to find a way to make a change. I want to be part of that change for as many people as possible. I want you to be part of that change for many others.

Run Richmond isn’t a group of people that run together because it’s fun. It’s a group of people that run because we want to be better people. Some run or walk for mental health and other for physical health. Come out and join us some Saturday morning and see just how good it feels to start a process that can change you…inside and out.


Horse Capital Marathon is My Unexpected Journey

I watched the movie “The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey”  the other day while I was recovering from a horrible 18 mile run. The idea of doing anything more than sitting and watching whatever  was already on was more than I could imagine. So when the movie came on that’s what I watched. If you haven’t seen it Biblo Baggins is a hobbit (imaging that) which ends up leaving the comfort of his simple life to go out on an adventure. Biblo had never planned on going on this adventure and frequently regretted his decision to leave the comfort of home. Numerous times Biblo was looking for his escape to get back to what he knew, but something kept pulling him back in. Continue reading Horse Capital Marathon is My Unexpected Journey

It’s Not About Winning…But Winning Doesn’t Hurt Anything


Tomorrow is our regular scheduled Run Richmond Group Run. Some weeks we have big crowds and some weeks we have smaller ones, but there are a few people that are almost always there. That is unless they are at a race. Last weekend was one of those weekends. Last weekend was the Berea Police Dept. 10K/5K. We had several Run Richmond runners head down there to see what they could do. Continue reading It’s Not About Winning…But Winning Doesn’t Hurt Anything

Mother Nature is Finally Going To Play Nice (I Hope)


I believe that we have to be on the tail end of this crazy cold weather. Soon we will be complaining about the heat and how hard it is to stay hydrated and motivated to run when it’s 100+ outside. Right now though and in the coming weeks we are at what many people would consider their favorite running weather. When you can get up and do a morning run in shorts and a t-shirt you are getting into my comfort zone. Continue reading Mother Nature is Finally Going To Play Nice (I Hope)

Go Hard or Go Home????

go hard or go home

So I had the bright idea of writing a post last Friday about fear and how you had to be uncomfortable for growth. I believe that to be true and will keep that as my motivation to get through hard things from now on. It’s possible that I forgot to add a disclaimer to that though. My body decided to make sure that I shared that disclaimer with you. Continue reading Go Hard or Go Home????

If You Want To Grow Comfort Shouldn’t Be Your Status Quo


There is no doubt in my mind that FEAR is a good thing. FEAR is what keep adults from walking away from their jobs and living a life of self indulgence. FEAR is what keeps kids from getting too close to the edge of the cliff or building. FEAR I think was a gift given to us by our creator to help keep us pointed in the correct direction. Unfortunately, as we do with most things we have turned it into something more than I believe it is intended.

We now use FEAR to keep us from things that are going to make us better. Countless women and men stay in relationships with partners that are abusive either mentally or physically because they are afraid that no one else will love them. Many people refuse to jump out and live their dream because it will take a lot of work and probably hurt financially for a while before they can make it what they want. Millions of us are overweight because the idea of getting up and moving enough to burn the needed calories is going to hurt and be uncomfortable. Continue reading If You Want To Grow Comfort Shouldn’t Be Your Status Quo

Life Change Isn’t Easy…Look For Ways To Make It Easier

inspire each other

Over the last couple years my perspective on life has changed some. I think I have always been a good person that would help out if someone I know needed something, but now I feel like I have a responsibility to not ignore opportunities to make other people lives better. I am far from being good at following through on this, but it is my desire and I am constantly looking for ways that I can play a positive part in somebody’s life.

That is one of the main things I have enjoyed about running over the last year or so. My life is pretty much an open book. I don’t hide things from people and when I am excited about something I want everyone else to be excited about it. So when I started running I guess I started talking about it. Eventually I started losing weight at a pretty good rate and people started paying attention to what I was saying. Let me be clear and say that I am not a weight loss expert and everyone’s journey is going to look different. My journey though involved burning lots of calories, mainly through running, and eating less calories than I had before.  This was enough for my body to start shedding excess weight. I am not done and I will probably battle this issue to some degree my whole life, but I know how to lose weight.

As my body started looking significantly different people started actually coming up to me and asking questions. They would ask for advice and I would give them a little advice and a lot of encouragement. This has fueled me to keep at it more than an new record for a pace or distance ever could.

The feeling that I may actually be making a difference for other people is actually more exciting to me than the fact that I have lost 50 pounds.

Continue reading Life Change Isn’t Easy…Look For Ways To Make It Easier

Take A Good Look and Decide Which Guy Looks Happier


As I talk to different people about running I see a couple themes that keep coming up. One is that a lot of people run to escape. Not to escape lions, tigers or bears, but the phone, the computer and the pressure. Running is a great escape because you can get out there on your own and have time to think and just enjoy nature. The other thing that pops up even more frequent is people running to get healthier or lose weight. That is what I want to concentrate on a little more today. Continue reading Take A Good Look and Decide Which Guy Looks Happier