Using Community To Build Knowledge


From my experience it seems that there is a decent percentage of runners that take up running later in life. I was in my 30s before I ran my first 5K and late 30s before I consistently ran and used an actual training plan. This is important to acknowledge because a lot of us going about things like this didn’t get training on how to  “be a runner” or how to properly train. Continue reading Using Community To Build Knowledge


fresh start

Sometimes things just don’t go quite the way we hope. Sometimes that is due to circumstances out of our control, but frequently it isn’t.  For the last 5 months my training has been lackluster. My weight has creeped up and my energy has creeped down. I wish I could blame that on injury or illness or anything else that wouldn’t point directly back at me, but I can’t. I just haven’t been as motivated as in the past and it has held me back. Continue reading FRESH START

I’m Looking Forward To Running In Winter Gloves Again!

hot humid

I thought when I was starting Run Richmond last fall/winter that you really couldn’t pick a worse time to start a running group. I was amazed when people showed up from week one and each week since. The idea of running in the cold I assumed would keep most people away. Looking back now I dream of those cold winter months. Continue reading I’m Looking Forward To Running In Winter Gloves Again!

Motivation – No Matter How Many Times You Find It You Can Never Stop Looking For It


It never ceases to amaze me how things can work out. The way different things “just” happened to work out in the last year or so to help me lose weight and get healthier were amazing. It would be easy enough to say it was a pretty cool coincidence that a friend of mine that was into running moved to Richmond a couple years before, but without having Layne to do a lot of those early runs with I would have never kept going. You could also say it’s a coincidence that a girl in a youth group 2 years before had convinced my daughter to run cross country with her. The desire to have this connection with Hailey was a huge motivating factor in me pushing through. Then how about the fact that the same girl (now in college) ran my first and second half marathon with me. Kimberly has been a major part of this journey and I really appreciate the role she has played.

My point to all this is that I firmly believe that we are responsible for our own decision/actions, but if you set back and look at what has transpired in your life there will almost always be people that seem to have shown up at just the right time to make the road a little easier. Or even to nudge you in a different direction. Usually, at the time you don’t realize what is happening. You don’t realize a change is coming or that the person involved is playing a part in it. Later though, it is really cool to look back and see how different pieces of a puzzle have come together in your life to make you who you are.

Run Richmond has been a pretty good motivator to keep me going for the last 6 months or so. I am still amazed that not one Saturday all through the winter did I run completely alone. We ran (or skated) across ice covered bridges at White Hall. One Saturday the snow was deep enough that we didn’t know if we could get back to White Hall. Hailey and I decided to try and there was one set of  truck tire tracks back the road. The snow was 5 or 6 inches deep across the road with drifts of a foot or more. We just stayed on the tracks and pulled off at a clear(er) spot. Then we ran each one of us in a tire track out to US 25 and back to the car. Whoever had gone before us was no where in sight, but their actions provided us with a clear dry path to get that run in. I am extremely grateful for the 5 or 6 people that have been showing up to Run Richmond pretty much since the beginning. That is a community of people that came together quickly to support and encourage each other. It has been good for each of us.

The funny thing is that you just never completely change old habits. You will constantly need new motivation to work hard.  New people stepping in and getting you going again. Since I finished the marathon my motivation has certainly not been as great. Some of that I think is understandable, but I can’t let that go to far or I will fall back into old habits. I have already gained back over 15 lbs of the weight I had lost. Between “fueling up” for the marathon and vacation I got back into some less than healthy eating habits. With that came less energy from proper fuel so worse runs. Worse runs brought negativity and excuses to my mind and then I was back to wanting to sleep in instead of getting up to run. That is where I have been for the last little bit. Just a bit of a funk I think, not anything horrible, but certainly not where I want to be.

All this brings me back to this realization. Several weeks ago during the training for the marathon I talked to a few people about running the Rugged Red Half Marathon. It’s a trail race in Red River Gorge. At the time it seemed pretty doable and I was trying to sell others on the idea. Now it seems pretty crazy to me. I am not in shape to do it and I wasn’t sure I had the time/energy to train and get there. Yesterday my buddy Nick called me. He was saying that he had been thinking about our discussion about the Rugged Red and he was ready to sign up and had just started running to try to get ready. Two days ago another friend from church asked me if I was doing the Rugged Red because he had heard about it from someone else.

That was two people coming to me about the Rugged Red in two days. One of them even talking about wanting to start doing some training together so he can get ready for it. Depending on your spirituality you can have different explanations for this type of thing. I believe that God steps in and puts people into your life to help you when you struggle. People tell me that seeing my change or reading something on here is motivation for them and I think that is great. When it comes right down to it though, I still need people to help motivate me and they always seem to show up at just the right time. Nick, if you are reading this, I owe you one. The Rugged Red is the next challenge and challenges motivate me more than most things. I am in too!

If you are reading this maybe Run Richmond is supposed to be your motivation. Maybe showing up one Saturday morning seems like a crazy idea because you don’t really see yourself as a runner. I wasn’t a runner before and it just so happens that as I am writing this I looked down and realized that I have my Horse Capital Marathon shirt on. That shirt proves to me that anyone can become a runner. If I can finish 26.2 anyone can. It may take time and it may take some pretty amazing motivators stepping into your life, but I can assure you that nothing is too big for the man upstairs to handle. Show up one Saturday morning and see what happens. Pay attention to the people that have stepped into your life lately. Maybe one of them is there to help you along. Whatever your situation is keep your head up and looking forward and you will find a way. It’s really hard to see where you want to be when you bury your head in your hands and give up.


Is Your Why Greater Than Your Sleep?

Everyone’s goal is different, but the goal is what keeps you going. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose 30 pounds or beat a 4 hour marathon pace. That goal needs to be important enough to you that you will make sacrifices in your life. Your sacrifice could be food, it could be sleep, it could be any number of things, but there must be sacrifice to make change.

I struggle with having enough hours in the day to get the things done that I want/need to do. Why I do the things I do has to be important enough to me to make me get up early and accomplish stuff before my day would normally start.

My why is greater than my sleep!

Is your why greater than your____________?

Who Is With Me? I’m About To Drop Some MORE Weight!

hilton head transformation

I put in my post during vacation last week that when I got home I was going to get serious about my diet and try to lose some more weight. Guess what…I’m home! It is time. Not only did I have more time to run while I was at Hilton Head, but I had more time to eat. I know what my body can handle eating without gaining weight and during vacation I ignored those rules. I ate french fries, pizza, hush puppies, fried fish, ice cream and the list goes on and on.

It’s not the greatest idea to have a full week of ignoring healthy eating habits, but that is what I did. You could probably say that I have ignored healthy eating habits for the last month. It is time to get back at it. I am going to eat right and I am going to burn more calories. That alone will stop me from gaining weight (which I have done for the last month), but not necessarily lose weight.

If I want to lose weight I need to track things and be sure that the intake of calories is less than burn off of calories. So I have a choice to make. I can drastically cut the calories or I can drastically increase the burn off. Since I am a person that enjoys running, I think it makes since for me to increase the burn off. My plan is to do 30 minutes of exercise 3 times each week. That is over and above whatever I normally do. Those 3 times could be any exercise that gets my heart rate elevated for 30 minutes. Most of the time for me it will be morning jogs, but it could be core training, basketball or any other activity. The important thing is to get the heart rate elevated.

If you have a desire to lose weight and have never came to a Run Richmond Group Run before then I encourage you give it a try. Come out and walk for 30 minutes if that is where your training has you. Come out and run/walk or run. It really doesn’t matter what your goal is there are people there that will be looking to accomplish the same thing. Keep moving to try and get healthier. As you can see from the photo above I have done this myself. When I started I wasn’t able to run more than a few yards before I was feeling horrible. Over time that has changed. Because of consistently training and staying at it. I have now finished a full marathon and two half marathons, but I am not where I need to be yet. So I am still training. I will continue training to lose weight until I reach my goals and then I will train to maintain. Running is absolutely part of my life from here on out.

I found this article on with some tips about getting started with running to lose weight. They have really good tips, but I can’t emphasize enough that if your goal is to lose weight it will require hard work. You need to push to a point that elevates your heartrate and makes you go past your comfort zone. Being comfy is what gets us into these situation. Now is the time to push past your comfort zone to make positive changes.


Hilton Head Is The Same As It Was Last Year…I Am Drastically Different

hilton head beach sunset

As I ran errands the first morning of vacation in Hilton Head I noticed all the runners out and at it bright and early. I knew the reason for being out early was to help avoid the heat and I was hoping I could get my stuff done quick so I could get out myself before the heat got to bad.  As I drove along seeing all the runners I started getting a little jealous. Not jealous of the fact that it was cooler as they ran than it would be during my run, but just jealous that they were running.

It dawned on me in that moment the changed that has happened over the last year. I was here last year around the same time. Then I weighed over 230 lbs and wanted to be able to just run consistently. I had already lost 20 lbs and was feeling better about myself, but running was still a struggle. I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted, but I was still out there trying. Continue reading Hilton Head Is The Same As It Was Last Year…I Am Drastically Different

Summer Solstice


Today, if you haven’t already heard, is the Summer Solstice. For those of us that don’t remember all of the lessons we were taught years ago that means that today is the longest day of the year. We have more daylight today than any other day in 2016. That’s pretty exciting to me.

Daylight is like an on-off switch for me to be able to get things done. When it’s light outside I can keep going and keep accomplishing goals. When the sun is gone and the moon is out my motivation hides as well. So the longest day of the year gives me more opportunity to accomplish my goals than any other day. Those goals today include working, running and getting the yard mowed. That is a full day anytime of year, but when we are in October and the days are a lot shorter I just wouldn’t have time to get it all done. Continue reading Summer Solstice

Group Run/Walk

group run_generic2

We have these group runs each week and I frequently see new faces there. Some I know from other areas of my life and some that I have never met before. Usually I will chat with a first timer and find out how they heard about Run Richmond and what they have as a goal. It surprised me (at least at first) by how many people talked about the fact that they had wanted to come for quite some time, but just didn’t feel comfortable because they weren’t a real runner. Continue reading Group Run/Walk

This Heat May Be Out Of Your Comfort Zone, But That’s Not Always A Bad Thing

heat running

I have figured out that I really like training when it’s cold outside.  This heat is a lot more of a deterrent to me running than I expected. I’m still getting out and doing runs, but the distance and intensity is definitely changing. The other thing that needs to change is the number of morning runs I’m doing. Morning run are your greatest ally in battling motivation on these really hot summer days.

This morning as I was driving to work it was 68°. That is hotter than I would like, but not nearly as bad as the 90° I did my run in yesterday afternoon. Now to be totally honest I did that run in the hot part of the day by choice to see how my body would respond. My goals was to wear myself down on a bike ride to Whitehall Park and then see how my legs would feel doing a run in the heat. In case you are curious they felt like crap, but that’s OK. This was new stuff to my body. The heat is new and the bike before a run is new. Continue reading This Heat May Be Out Of Your Comfort Zone, But That’s Not Always A Bad Thing