Failure Isn’t A Finish It’s Part Of The Process

I was recently asked to do a talk for a group at a high school and in thinking about a topic I realized that one thing seemed to stand out more than anything else to me. Failure. Failure seems to be a major part of everybody’s life. Failure is something that no matter how hard we try to avoid it, it will eventually show up in some form or fashion. The big question isn’t really when or even how am I going to fail, but how am I going to handle the failure.

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Use Race Day Goals to Fuel Long Term Success


I have written before about the fact that I am motivated by a challenge. When I set a goal and work towards it I get more and more motivated the closer I get. That works well for me, but not all people respond to goals and challenge the same way.  If you are just getting started running or stepping up your running to a new level you need to think about how to best keep yourself motivated. Are you the type of person that needs to set a challenging time goal and work yourself non-stop until you get there? Or are you the type of person that would be stressed by that pressure and not respond positively.

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Beautiful Old Running Shoes

old shoes

We have entered into a new season. The weather is getting cooler and the runs are hopefully getting a lot easier to do. With that being the case I think it is important to think about your running shoes. Hopefully over the last several months you have been working hard. If that is the case there is a decent chance that your running shoes look something like these. I love seeing someone out there with shoes that look like this because I assume that means the shoes have been well used. Continue reading Beautiful Old Running Shoes

R U N?


Why do you run:  to lose weight, to improve fitness, to compete, or just to kill time? Running can be a brutal pounding, and mentally it’s often about choosing discomfort over comfort, and what about those super short shorts? For me, I ran for 18 years before I ever really liked it.

My earliest memories of running are Mom honking the horn and calling me in from a day of adventure on my Granddaddy’s 65-acre farm. At 9 years old, I ran everywhere across the red Georgia clay. I ran to my Uncles to feed the animals, ran to the spring, and ran to my dirt basketball court. I rarely ever walked and basically I ran just to get me from one place to another. Continue reading R U N?

Course Maps and the Connection Between Community and Fitness


The course has been set and even tested. I have had a general idea of the course for the Inaugural Historic Haunt 5K and 10K for some time now. I have done several runs at White Hall with the specific purpose of finding the perfect course. What I eventually did was call Bob Baney from RaceRise and have him come out and make it perfect. We are set now (unless we think of a way to tweak it). :-) Continue reading Course Maps and the Connection Between Community and Fitness

Why Hills Are Actually Worth The Struggle


Thanks to the Historic Haunt 5K/10K we have quite a few new readers. Because of that I want to give some background info before I dig deep into this article about hills and working out.

This post isn’t being written by some elite runner that has been winning medals and wowing crowds. I love watching elite runners race and will never stop being amazed when I see someone run for mile after mile at paces that I couldn’t sustain for a lap around a track. I say this so that when I write that I know what it is like to struggle getting up a hill you will know that I mean it. When I started running seriously in 2015 it took me months before I really felt like I was making headway. I have been overweight for more than 20 years and most of that time I have been obese. Running helped me lose over 50 lbs and I still didn’t get to my so called healthy weight. So when I say I have been there looking up at a hill thinking there is no way I can get up this I know what I am talking about. Continue reading Why Hills Are Actually Worth The Struggle

Confidence…Belief in Your Ability to Succeed


It is pretty clear that as runners or walkers there are benefits that we get from our activity. Most obviously we get the positive affects that movement has on our body. Not just weight loss, but heart and lung health as well. These are important things and there are actually numerous ways that running and walking help your body, but today I am thinking more about the benefits it can have for your mind.

One major part of taking on a training routine and sticking to it is the setting and achieving goals. When you start hitting your goals and setting the bar higher you start to build confidence. I don’t believe there is anything more important to a person that is trying to make tough changes to improve their life than to gain confidence. Confidence that you can do better. Confidence could be defined as the belief in your ability to succeed. Continue reading Confidence…Belief in Your Ability to Succeed

Raven Run and Labor Day…A Perfect Combination

raven run waterfall

Wow. Was that some amazing weather for Labor Day or what? I know Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer and if that is the case it is going out on a high note. Part of the mission of Run Richmond is to encourage people to get outside and get moving. With Mother Nature helping out like that it seems like a much easier task. Continue reading Raven Run and Labor Day…A Perfect Combination

The Struggle Is Real – The Results Make The Struggle Worth It

Male runner silhouette, running into sunset


I know that everyone has something that holds them back in their training. Some people struggle to get morning runs in, others may not have an efficient stride and some may just struggle with a proper diet to help them fuel their body. When it comes right down to it, we are all struggling to pull it together in one area or maybe even lots of areas. Continue reading The Struggle Is Real – The Results Make The Struggle Worth It

Heal Strike Running vs Midfoot

A lot of times we can do fairly simple things to help prevent injury when we start to increase our running. One of the easiest things to concentrate on is foot strike. Landing on your heal while running causes a chain reaction of pressure all the way up through your hips. This will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your body. The more you improve your running form the less likely you are to have injury and therefore running will continue to be fun. When it is fun (and doesn’t hurt) it is a lot easier to stick with a training plan.

If you have any questions feel free to join a Run Richmond Group Run on a Saturday morning and we can chat.