2 HOUR MARATHON, Is It Really Possible?


This is a photo of Dennis Kimetto crossing the finish line for a marathon at a finish time that was faster than my last half marathon! Dennis finished the marathon in Berlin back in 2014 setting the world record by running 26.2 miles in 2:02:57.

My PR for the half marathon is 1:50 I have bragged that at least no one alive could catch me if I was running the half and they ran the full. Well, they are getting close to my PR and actually would have gotten me on my last half…I gotta lose some weight again! Continue reading 2 HOUR MARATHON, Is It Really Possible?

Anyone Besides Me Been Busy?


I had a post planned in my head that I was planning to write this morning about being busy and hoping to encourage you all by letting you know that you aren’t alone if you feel busy and overwhelmed in this holiday season. My life with family, work, church, Run Richmond & everything that comes with each of them has been about as busy for the last few weeks as it could possibly be. As I started this post I jumped online (as I usually do) to find a graphic that correlates with my post. I googled the word busy and started looking for something that jumped out at me.  That is when words I have known before smacked me in the face again. Continue reading Anyone Besides Me Been Busy?

Wins Come All Throughout The Journey, Not Just At The Destination


The post on Run Richmond Monday has been shared and read by more people than most other Run Richmond post. I think that proves my point on two topics. First, Run Richmond, and the running community in general is a community of people that really support each other. The headline for that post was announcing that success at the Renfro Rock N’ Run. People wanted to share in the success of those that had it. That is a great thing.  After getting into the post I talked a little bit about what winning looks like. About how you should be judging yourself and your success. That is the part of the article that had people contact me. That is what I believe prompted people to share the article with others. Continue reading Wins Come All Throughout The Journey, Not Just At The Destination

Run Richmond Does Great at Renfro Rock N’ Run


Our numbers for the group run this Saturday ended up being a little less than normal. This was a race weekend for many of our regulars. I haven’t heard from several people as of yet how they did, but we did have a few check in and give us an update. The crew in the picture above is Traci, Tim, Brooke and Teresa. These four went down to Renfro and came back with not just the finishers medal, but age group awards. Brooke and Teresa won their age group and Tim and Traci each placed 2nd in theirs.

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You Ready To Run In The Cold?



Winter running is right around the corner. That is a fact that we just have to deal with. I love running in the late fall. For me running is the 40s and 50s is pretty much ideal. I don’t get overheated and zapped by the sun. I don’t need as much fluid to keep comfortable and I just generally run better. When it gets down into the 30s and below things are a little different.

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The War Between Unmotivated You And Motivated You


I was thinking a little bit about the theme of most of the articles I put on here. I try to encourage you to push yourself to become a better version of yourself. I believe wholeheartedly that we all have untapped potential to accomplish more than we are currently. That is the good news and the part that I like to keep pushing out there. It has hit me that as true as that is, it is still hard and we frequently fall short of the goals we set for ourselves.  So today I want to make sure that we keep those disappointments in perspective.

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I talked about this briefly in a post just after the Historic Haunt, but it is still sticking with me so I want to look at this a little more. During the Historic Haunt, I had several people come up to me and explain that this was the very first time they…[insert accomplishment]. That had me extremely excited after the race. Run Richmond has encouraged people to get out of their comfort zone and do something more from the day one. At our first race to have a large number of people come and be excited about that very thing was amazing.

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It’s The Memories

As Run Richmond has grown in reach over the last year you all have read a lot of articles that I have written and some that I have shared from other great sources online. My perspective is that of a average guy that is trying to make a difference. Trent Funk, has come on as my partner on this endeavor and with him comes a different perspective. He is an accomplished runner who has been surrounded by other accomplished runners through out his life.

I think each of us will connect with different people different ways. Our goal is to bring as many different perspectives as possible to Run Richmond. We never know how an article may reach a person and what changes it may have on their thought process about movement to get healthy.

Today we have a guest article to share from one of Trent’s long-time friends. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading It’s The Memories

Healthier You Can Mean So Much More


Running has done a lot for more over the last couple years. Mainly giving me a healthier body that will allow me to spend more time with my family and friends. One other thing it has done which ties into that is given me a way to connect with my daughter. Hailey has been running cross country for 4 years now. When she started I was close to 250 lbs and couldn’t run around the block with her.

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