Did Anyone Ever Tell You Life Changing Stuff Would Be Easy?


Seems like that was just yesterday that we rang in 2017 doesn’t it? Is it just me or as we get older do the years seem to fly by a lot quicker? Just over a week from now it will be April. That mean that 3 months of 2017 will be done. 3 months that many of us had hoped would be the beginning of a healthier life. 3 months that we hoped would be the time that we decided to go to the gym and actually stick with it or 3 months that we planned to develop healthier eating habits. How is that going? Are your resolutions, if you made any, still going strong? Continue reading Did Anyone Ever Tell You Life Changing Stuff Would Be Easy?


Man running alone at dawn


Alone is a very scary word for a lot of people. Alone often brings stress for those that crave community or worse crave validation.  Being stuck alone is a nightmare that tortures so many people. Being alone long term is absolutely not good for us. We are designed to thrive in community. Spending time with others is absolutely a good thing. We can learn from others wins and losses. We can invest in our people as they are in turn investing in us. Community is absolutely a win-win situation. Continue reading ALONE

Take A Kid For A Run – Even If You Need To Trick Them To Go


There isn’t much I enjoy more than seeing a family doing something together. In my family we have some very different personalities and some very different interest. I have one daughter that is generally more interested in hanging out inside and not getting dirty and another daughter that has always begged to be able to go outside and do something fun. The funny part about that is that if I say lets go for a run the inside girl will jump and get her shoes on and the outside girl will all of a sudden have a stomach ache. Continue reading Take A Kid For A Run – Even If You Need To Trick Them To Go

What’s Your Word?


It seems to be a popular thing now, at least with ladies in my life, to have a special word for the year. The point is to find a specific word that you feel you need to work on and let that word guide you for the year. It could be something like STRENGTH if you are a person that feels insignificant or doesn’t usually stand up for what is right. Or maybe CALM if you are a person that is highly emotional and gets fired up about things easily. If you want to have some fun look for the people wearing a bracelet with a word like this on it. Don’t let them know you saw the bracelet and start giving them advice around that topic. They will be blown away and you will look like a very insightful person.

I have never had a word before. Never even thought much about having a word of the year. I sat down to write this post today and was planning to write about taking the time to let my ankle heal. The only thing that kept popping into my head was the word PATIENCE. If I was more patient I could wait for a different story idea, but since I’m not I am going with this. Continue reading What’s Your Word?

Workout of the Week #3


Workout of the Week #3 “Progressive Endurance” Left over Right

My name is Trent Funk and I am a previous college athlete who is on the down hill side of my 40s heading for 50 and am ready to call on my inner warrior to come out, get motivated and make another stand. This is my 3 rd installment where I try new workouts and relay to you the joys and pains of the process.
Here’s a quick update on my status / progress.
Nacho Libre stretch - I want a Hot BODY But i also want tacos!Last week I was in Leon Mexico on business and got a couple of easy runs in with the one benefit being that I was at 6000 feet altitude. However the meme accurately captures my experience as I woke up 1 week later with my “fancy clothes” being tighter to due to 3 extra pounds of tacos.

Continue reading Workout of the Week #3

The Drift


That’s a beautiful picture, isn’t it? If you think about the hectic lives that we lead you may think that looks even more amazing. During my busiest and most hectic times, I could imagine climbing in that boat and just drifting off while relaxing. Most of us at times daydream about getting away and not having to be so rushed, stressed, scheduled, or just plain busy.  I think a slower life would be beneficial for most of us. The real question is if a drifting life would be beneficial? Continue reading The Drift

Lessons learned every step of the way

buffalo news

Looking around on the internet today and ran across this article from the Buffalo News: Running: Lessons learned every step of the way

I was enjoying the article and then I got to the quotes from normal people about what they wished they knew when they started running. That is when I could really relate to the article…more than one person talks about groups. Running groups or clubs are an invaluable tool to gain knowledge, motivation and accountability.

Run Richmond keeps me motivated. Without this group I doubt I would still be logging the miles each week that I am. So I want to say thank you to everyone that shows up to our group runs. We are all part of a good thing. If you don’t want to take my word for it listen to this random guy from Buffalo…

“I wish I had known about running groups before I started running. It seemed a very lonely activity. Now I look forward to the days our retiree group gets together during the week and to Saturdays with the group at the Ridge. Everyone encourages each other. When injuries happen there is always someone who experienced the same thing and can offer excellent suggestions on recovery.”

Exercise IS Planned Adversity


We can talk all down about how adversity can wreck our lives. Or how adversity has kept us from doing what it is that we feel called to do. What I think we need to be doing is trying to look at adversity from a different perspective. Adversity is what makes us stronger. I whole-heartedly believe that adversity is required to make us grow. That is to grow mentally or physically. Continue reading Exercise IS Planned Adversity

Workout of the Week #2


Workout of the Week #2 “Death By Speed Work”

I know, you only run for fun and relaxation, not to induce pain. Speed Work for most of us could be equated with torture like waterboarding, electric shock, or dinner with the In-laws (I being the exception have great In-laws). So we hit the road and get our miles.  We run some tempo runs, some long slow distance and even throw in a few trail runs but we plateau and we never improve.  In comes the feared enemy, most of us love to avoid, known as speed work.

So before you click past this blog and erase it from your brain. Let me tell you what it is, and what its not. There are different schools of though on this topic but for me, Continue reading Workout of the Week #2

Workout of the Week

runnerIf you are like my partner and relatively new to running or an old grizzled veteran, its nice to hear from someone else out there grinding just like you. And everyone likes to encourage his or her friend or child to be the guinea pig and try something new or even get back on the horse again. Mix in a crazy goal with this and then you have the premise of this 7-week winter blog. Continue reading Workout of the Week