Your Body is a Porsche


If you are reading this you are most likely a runner or walker. That probably means that you have decided the thing that you want to do to stay healthy, or lose weight, is running and walking. Some people love weights or crossfit or pilates or yoga or whatever else there is to do now, but most people on this website enjoy running. Continue reading Your Body is a Porsche

Trail Shoes…Need or Want?

muddy shoes

I don’t know about you, but for me buying new running shoes is an exciting thing. I can remember as a kid loving to go to the store and search for just the right look and finding the shoe that I really wanted and then trying to convince my parents to spend the money on them. I always seemed to pick out the ones that where the most expensive. Somehow that hasn’t changed much over the years when it comes to me and shoes. Continue reading Trail Shoes…Need or Want?

Goals Are What Take You From Casual To Committed


Deciding that you want to make running or walking part of your life is step one. Step two is hopefully getting other people involved in what you are doing, maybe people from a local running group. I hear the Run Richmond group is pretty amazing. :-) Their may or may not be a step 3 for you. Some people are perfectly happy to run 2 or 3 times a week, get the health benefits from it and go on with the rest of their life.

I was not one of those people and I assume if you are taking the time to read this blog you aren’t either. Continue reading Goals Are What Take You From Casual To Committed

No Pain No Gain

no pain no gain

A true workout that is going to really pay dividends for your body isn’t going to feel great. No Pain No Gain can get people into trouble though because there are limits to what our body can handle. Pushing yourself hard and feeling it later is different than killing yourself. You want to be able to still have some level of pleasure left after your workout. If it is a truly miserably experience then I doubt you will stick to it. That goes for running, the gym and even diets.

Getting or staying healthy and/or losing weight are incredibly important goals. You need to make sure your plan is sustainable. When I started this process I did a diet that consisted of fasting 2 days a week. The fast limited my calorie intake on those days to 600 calories. I did that for about a month and lost good weight with it. The problem was that it wasn’t sustainable. Find a diet, running plan, workout plan and work/rest balance schedule that is sustainable and it will be so much easier to reach your goals.

This  reminds me of a really funny diary message I read once about a guy that started working out with a trainer. I think you will enjoy. Continue reading No Pain No Gain

#1 Reason to Run…Being Chased By Pirates

sparrow Chased

Getting outside to get moving with a good run or walk can be an extremely enjoyable event. Many people, myself included, look forward to time out there thinking and enjoying the idea that this is making me healthier. Some people though just don’t buy into the idea of running or walking. Continue reading #1 Reason to Run…Being Chased By Pirates

How Running Played A Role In My New Life

new life

Over the last few years my body and life have gone through some pretty dramatic changes. I have discussed on here that I have lost over 50 lbs. this year with the help of running, but over the last few years my mind and soul have been getting healthier as well.

I have decided other times in the past that I wanted to lose weight. This time though I didn’t want to lose weight, I actually wanted to get healthier. I had realized that without changes I wasn’t going to be around for my wife and daughters long term. I was selfishly eating things that made me happy, but ultimately they would be paying the price at some time in the future. When that really clicked in my mind eating better became easier and I knew running would get help me reach my goals. Continue reading How Running Played A Role In My New Life

Long Runs

long run

Longs runs are the foundation of any training plan for a marathon or half marathon. You need all types of runs to meet your race goals, but none are going to be as effective for getting you ready for a race than the longs run. The benefits are just for racers though. Every runner can benefit from weekly longs runs. All of the benefits of long runs are too many to list, but I want to cover a couple. Continue reading Long Runs

Ice Bath…Can You Handle It

ice bath-polar bear

Before my daughter started running cross country I, for the most part, would say her pain tolerance was about a 4 on a scale of 1-10. She wasn’t big on pushing through things or the whole No Pain No Gain theories. It wasn’t long into her first summer training with the team that she was having some soreness after practice and it was suggested she try an ice bath. So you have to picture this middle school girl sitting down into a huge tub filled water and more ice than Coors uses for its cold brewing. She sat in that water, which came up to her chest, for 8 minutes. We soon found out that frequently team members, especially the boys, give up before their timer is done. I immediately jumped her score in my mind from a 4 to at least a 7. Continue reading Ice Bath…Can You Handle It