If People Talked About Other Hobbies Like They Talk About Running.

Been a crazy day so far, but this video made me literally laugh out loud. A little bit of language pops in from time to time, but it is from CollegeHumor.com so I think it is actually pretty tame considering the source.

FYI the way they portray Color Runs is exactly what I imagine in my head and why I haven’t done one yet.


No Pain No Gain

no pain no gain

A true workout that is going to really pay dividends for your body isn’t going to feel great. No Pain No Gain can get people into trouble though because there are limits to what our body can handle. Pushing yourself hard and feeling it later is different than killing yourself. You want to be able to still have some level of pleasure left after your workout. If it is a truly miserably experience then I doubt you will stick to it. That goes for running, the gym and even diets.

Getting or staying healthy and/or losing weight are incredibly important goals. You need to make sure your plan is sustainable. When I started this process I did a diet that consisted of fasting 2 days a week. The fast limited my calorie intake on those days to 600 calories. I did that for about a month and lost good weight with it. The problem was that it wasn’t sustainable. Find a diet, running plan, workout plan and work/rest balance schedule that is sustainable and it will be so much easier to reach your goals.

This  reminds me of a really funny diary message I read once about a guy that started working out with a trainer. I think you will enjoy. Continue reading No Pain No Gain

#1 Reason to Run…Being Chased By Pirates

sparrow Chased

Getting outside to get moving with a good run or walk can be an extremely enjoyable event. Many people, myself included, look forward to time out there thinking and enjoying the idea that this is making me healthier. Some people though just don’t buy into the idea of running or walking. Continue reading #1 Reason to Run…Being Chased By Pirates