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Here We Go!


It may be a little wet and a few people may have canceled, but it’s going to happen.

Running….everyone is doing it!

running tree

It may not always seem like it when you are out there on a long run by yourself, but running has been seeing a big surge in popularity over the last several years. 5K races are still by far the most popular race, but the half marathon is the fastest growing race distance. As a matter of fact the number of people that have raced a half has nearly doubled in the last decade.

Don’t get discouraged when you are out there alone, but also don’t feel like you have to be out there alone. Look for people to run with. Put a note up on this site or just start asking around. You may be surprised how many people will be willing to join your run.

Run Richmond feels more real as of right now!


Well the next step is getting closer. The website is in the works…as you can clearly see. When it is finished there will be a list of times and places for group runs, maps for places to run, a page for info about running gear, upcoming races (events) and hopefully a lot more interesting stuff.

Run Richmond first became a dream of mine less than two weeks ago so I am very excited about the momentum being built. I have had numerous conversations with local businesses and leaders that want to find ways to partner with Run Richmond. Please be patient as this gets going, but I have big plans for Run Richmond and eventually it will all come more…

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