Are You Ready For The New Year?

resolution run

I thought I was ready for 2016. I keep making plans for training runs to help me prepare for this race on January 1 and things keep getting in the way. Occasionally it’s my own laziness, but most times it’s just life getting in the way. I am still very excited about the race and fully committed to running. I just don’t know that my body is in the shape that I wanted it to be before this race. Continue reading Are You Ready For The New Year?

2016 Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K

Ellis Memorial 5K_logo

I don’t know how many of you saw the interview with Katie on WKYT last night, but she is excited about the opportunity to give back to Richmond for the love and support she has felt during this tragedy. This isn’t just a 5K Race this is a chance to keep the memory of Daniel Ellis going strong for years to come. The foundation that will be funded by this race is going to be giving money to organizations around Richmond that Katie feels Daniel would have been drawn to. Continue reading 2016 Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K

Shhh…I Have A Couple Secrets To Tell You


That’s right today I turn 41 and I am not afraid to admit it. The main reason I am not afraid to own being 41 is that this year has been pretty amazing. I am better physically, spiritually and even maybe a little bit more mature. Over all I feel like I have gained a new perspective on life over the last year and now I am living life trying to find ways to be more of a giver and less of a receiver.

Run Richmond has come on late in the last year, but it has played a major role in motivating me to stay focused and on track. My first thoughts about Run Richmond were in October and half way through December we have had probably 20 different people show up for group runs, thousands of visitors to the website and as of Monday a meeting that has cemented plans for the next step for Run Richmond.

Continue reading Shhh…I Have A Couple Secrets To Tell You

Cold Group Run

group run_generic2

We had some new faces show up last week for the run and that gets me excited about what Run Richmond is starting to accomplish.  There has been some questions sent to me over the last couple of weeks about our group runs and I want to make sure I address those for anyone else wondering. Run Richmond is technically considered a “Running Group”, but I am not a person that likes to fit into molds and I don’t have the intention of creating a traditional “Running Group”. Continue reading Cold Group Run

Resolution Run, My New Gut Check

resolution run

They named it the Resolution Run, but I plan to start using this race as a gut check each year. What better than a 5 mile run each January 1 to see if you have kept up with your training throughout the year. Plus you get the added bonus of motivation to  make sure you don’t over do it with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

I plan to sign up for this one and encourage you to do the same. Run Richmond can make the Resolution Run our first group race. If there is enough interest I could even get Run Richmond shirts made that we can wear.

Running or walking either one is OK for this. If you think you aren’t going to have a good enough time sign up anyway. The goal for this race each January should be to see how you have changed in a year. This is perfect for beginning runners and walkers. It has enough distance to give you a good challenge, but not so much that it isn’t doable. I looked the course map up and it is flat so you don’t have to worry about hills messing with your motivation. Get that first time recorded this year and see how much better you do after a year of group runs with Run Richmond.

Thanksgiving Recovery Run


I don’t know about you, but I over did it yesterday. That sweet potato casserole was good enough to make me go back for seconds. Now I need to run. A couple of us are planning to meet at 9:30 at Orange Leaf to go for a 6 mile run through town. Come join us if you can. We will most likely run around a 9:00 pace, but that can be adjusted some if you you want a little more or less.

We Have A Winner

Eric Baldwin

Congratulations again to Eric Baldwin for winning the Swiftwick socks. Just like a good Run Richmond reader should he ran right out to Soft Shoe and made his choice. We fully expect you to wear these socks anytime you run with Run Richmond so make sure you don’t use them during the week. :-)

Thanks again to Soft Shoe for your support of Run Richmond and getting this great photo of Eric and his prize. I see lots of running shoes in the background. I was talking yesterday about trail shoes maybe I need to come by and try a pair of those Hoka Ones.


prayers for 457

If you read this blog then you most likely live in or around Richmond, KY and are aware of the passing of Officer Ellis. This is a tragic murder of a man out doing his job. He has a wife and a young son that will deal with the repercussions of one man’s decision for the rest of their lives. I hope Richmond will get behind this family in a way that shows how much we love and respect what Officer Ellis did for his community.

First Gear a local screen printing company is selling these shirts. This is a great gesture on their part because 100% of expenses and proceeds go to the Officer Ellis Fund at People’s Bank, Madison County.

If you are able please buy a shirt and wear it proudly for years to come. My hope is that the Ellis family will see these shirts frequently for a reminder that Richmond has their back.

Buy your shirt here.

New Course Map is Up!

EKU Woodchip and Farm Trail

I now have a course map up for the EKU Woodchip and Farm Trails. These are great trails because they are easy to get to and offer two completely different workouts.  You can combine the two trails and get right at 5 miles in. If you have never been there I can assure you that it will be 5 miles you will remember.

Click the map and it will take you directly to the EKU Trails page or you can check out all of the maps we have available by clicking the course maps menu on the side of the page.