Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K

Ellis Memorial 5K_logo

We are a little over a month from this EVENT on March 19th. I don’t feel it is appropriate at this point to call it a race for a couple reasons.

#1 It has become way more than people running 3.1 miles and seeing how fast they can go. This is about people wanting to support wanting to show gratitude for a great man. This is about people wanting to love on and support his wife and family.  This event is going to end up making a vary large donation to the Daniel Ellis Memorial Fund. Continue reading Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K

The Real Reason For Run Richmond

Run Richmond, as I see it, is a group of people that share a common interest. In this case the common interest is a desire to get or stay healthy through movement. That group of people bring to the table many different reasons for their desire and many different experiences from that desire. If Run Richmond had 15-20 good to elite runners show up each week the focus would be on running and running alone probably. We aren’t that. Continue reading The Real Reason For Run Richmond

People Being Aware of Run Richmond Still Amazes Me


Run Richmond has been growing and gaining some pretty incredible momentum. Group runs are getting bigger, website traffic is trending up. All of that momentum is from you guys talking about Run Richmond and Facebook. I was thinking last week that I may be limiting our reach by not using the other main forms of social media to reach even more people with Run Richmond’s message. So I created Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Now by nature I am a person that likes to connect with people in person. That is one of the coolest things about running in general, but Run Richmond in particular to me. I get to meet and spend time with a lot of different people. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have their good points (and their bad), but I would much rather spend time running and talking with all of you.  Continue reading People Being Aware of Run Richmond Still Amazes Me

26.2 Here I Come

Horse Capital Marathon Registration

That bottom name you see there may be familiar. Yep, I did it. Signed up for the full marathon. We have a few other Richmond runners signed up. Let’s keep that going and make it a Richmond event.

Sign up for the full or the half. Either way lets start training. See you Saturday for the Group Run!

Garmin Forerunner 210 with Heart Rate Monitor



I ordered this exact watch refurbished from Walmart back in the summer. It is a great price on a really good GPS watch. The heart rate monitor is a nice feature to have if your focus is weight loss. It will help you get your workout going at the pace that is working your heart hard enough, but not too hard. Continue reading Garmin Forerunner 210 with Heart Rate Monitor

Yesterday Was A Good Day


You can call it the New Years Resolution effect or you can say that Kat Pagano is a major celebrity, but for whatever reason yesterday was a record day for Run Richmond. There are a lot of people interested in what is happening in the running community of Richmond, KY.

I have shared on the site a few times different parts of my motives for starting Run Richmond and what my future plans are, but with the new influx of readers I felt it was time to get those thoughts a little more organized easily accessible. Continue reading Yesterday Was A Good Day

2016 Is When Things Start Happening


Run Richmond was born in 2015 and is just now starting to get some legs to get things done. I for one am extremely encouraged by the support I have received and that has been offered in the last few months. Clearly there is a community of people in Richmond that want to connect around their love of running/walking.

We all have our own reasons to get up and move, but it doesn’t really matter what the reason is. If you feel the desire to get up and go there is someone in Richmond who is willing to do it with you. My motivation to run started because of a need to lose weight. I lost quite a bit and still wish to lose more. My motivation now has a whole lot more to do with bringing people together and building community with people that share my passion for running than losing another 15 pounds.

Continue reading 2016 Is When Things Start Happening