Historic Haunt is Going to Make a Difference

Historic Haunt-Race_Logo

Most of you have seen this logo by this point and many of you have signed up to run or at least told me you will. The good news is that we are at a point now that the race is going to be more than just a fun day with a chance to run a well ran race with a cool t-shirt for your effort. Although we haven’t met our goals by a long shot (I like to set big goals) we have  hit a point that the race will have a purpose beyond just a good day.

The Historic Haunt now has enough in sponsorships and registrations that we will be able to cover our bills. That is big news because we are still a long way from the start of the race. We still expect to add a lot of runners to the registrations. I expect to have more corporate sponsorships roll in. This is good news because that means that Run Richmond is going to get to write one of those big checks to the Daniel Ellis Foundation after the race. We are going to get to help support future Run Richmond runners by helping fund the Madison Central Cross Country Team. If things go as it appears they will we are going to get to add to our list of benefactors by donating to the Health, Now! clinic here in Richmond. Continue reading Historic Haunt is Going to Make a Difference

Historic Haunt Costume Contest

Historic Haunt_Costume Contest

A big thanks to Bob Baney and RaceRise for sponsoring a costume contest to add to the fun. Participants must be registered in either the 5K or 10K race. This is a family event so keep that in mind when choosing your costume. Costumes are certainly not required, but encouraged. This is going to be a great day with lots of fun.

Did you know that by registering for the Historic Haunt you are not only going to have a great time and get a cool t-shirt, but you are supporting a couple great groups in Madison County? Run Richmond isn’t doing this race for profits. After the bills are paid the proceeds will be divided between the Daniel Ellis Foundation and the Madison Central Cross Country team.  Building a strong running community is vital to building a healthier community and what better way to do that than support the Cross Country team. The sacrifice that Daniel Ellis made for our community can never be repaid, but we can continue to support the initiative that his wife, Katie, has started to remember and honor him. Get registered and help us write big checks to both of these organizations.



I think we can all agree that our country seems to be heading down an unhealthy path. The division in our country based on economic issues, racial issues, social issues, etc. have created a culture that judges others without looking for a clear explanation from a different point of view. Andy Stanley says:

The further away you are from a problem, the simpler it seems. But the closer you get, the more complex it gets.

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Historic Haunt Race

Historic Haunt-Race_Logo

We are still a while off from the first ever Historic Haunt brought to you by Run Richmond, but if you are planning to make this your first 5K or up your distance and go for your first 10K it may be time to start training.

I know from experience that it is a lot easier to get outside and do a training run if you are motivated by the fact that you have a race in mind. Scheduling races are what got me running consistently in the first place. The Historic Haunt is going to be a fun race. We will have lots of volunteers, cool shirts, a couple great causes to benefit from the proceeds and a passion to get more people involved in the Richmond running community.

I know that people generally wait to closer to races to sign up, but we are very limited in the number of people we can accommodate. The parking situation at Whitehall is the determining factor in how many people we can open the race up to. I am confident that we will be right at the edge of having to close registrations before race day. So sign up now and guarantee your spot. It will give you the motivation to get training and help secure your spot in this inaugural Run Richmond race.

Historic Haunt-Brave-Enough

Trail Running

raven run trail

Trail running is a bit of a different experience than running on pavement. Running on trails is quite a bit more of a technical experience, because you need to be aware of your foot placement for the entire run. Somehow for me, this helps me to keep my mind focused on that and less on how much farther I have to go, or how big that next hill might be. It’s a lot easier for me to get lost in the run and clear my mind.

Trail running is a different type of workout than regular running. When you run trails there is generally more and steeper hills. Because of this your heartrate will likely be elevated more frequently, but yet will have time to recover on the downhill portions. Also trail running, because of the “rough” terrain uses more muscles than running on pavement. Your body is forced to work harder balancing on the trail so muscles that normally get ignored will get a workout. One of the best aspects of trail running for longtime runners is that the dirt displaces force that normally goes straight to your ankles, shins, knees and hips. Trail running is actually a good workout to start back with after dealing with runner’s knee. Obviously, trail running comes with it’s own risk, but in general it is a good think to mix in some trail runs with your normal runs.

Richmond is within an hour of some of the greatest trails in the United States. The Red River Gorge is  know throughout the world for its trails. The sites and sounds you can experience getting miles out on a trail in the Gorge is going to be completely different than you can experience running the city streets in Richmond. Part of that experience is going to require the ability to accept the fact that the run will be slower. Most will add a minute or even more to your time per mile compared to road runs. That’s OK though because if you enjoy nature at all you won’t want to miss anything.

It’s important to be safe with trail running just as with any other runs. Safety looks a little different on trails though. For one, there is a very good chance you will get no cell phone service on the trail. Be sure you are with other people and that someone knows where you are going, the trail you plan to run and when you should be back. Be sure you know the trail or are with someone who does. There are lots of twist and turns that look very similar. Plus intersecting trails that can get very confusing. Have a plan and stick to it.

One of my goals is to run the Rugged Red which is a half marathon through the Red River Gorge. I know several of you have shown interest as well, so this summer I am going to schedule one Saturday group run each month at Raven Run in Lexington. This is another great place to explore some trails. There is a mix of single track (one person wide) and open field trails. Raven Run is only about 20 minutes from our normal home (White Hall). Watch the Run Richmond Group Run page and Facebook for more updates on the trail runs.

Carb Up! It’s Race Day Eve!


Tomorrow is the big day. I will run my first full marathon and others will run their first or next full or half. The weather is looking better than we thought earlier this week. So we may be good to go.

Due to the fact that so many of our Run Richmond group are participating in the Horse Capital I am not scheduling an official group run this week. Whitehall will be open and I encourage you to go get your run in. That is unless you are interested in driving to Fasig Tipton and cheering on a bunch of us trying to get back to the finish line.

HistoricHaunt.com Is Open For Business


Things are starting to come together. Many of you know that over the last few months Run Richmond has been working behind the scenes to create a race and eventually a race series in Richmond. Well race #1 is set. We have a website www.HistoricHaunt.com. It’s not finished completely, but it is functional. We have registration open. Most importantly we have a great event to make the public announcement of the race. This Saturday at the Officer Daniel Ellis Memorial 5K, Run Richmond will not only be volunteering, but announcing our race to 1500-2000 people. Continue reading HistoricHaunt.com Is Open For Business

Historic Haunt 2016

Historic Haunt-Race_LogoIt’s Official! Run Richmond has it’s first race set. On October 22nd we will have a 5K/10K race at White Hall State Historic Site. The race will start/finish right in front of the White Hall House. We will have a free Little Goblins run on the property as well. This means that every member of the family will have an event to look forward to. Continue reading Historic Haunt 2016