Run Richmond Conquers the Rio Salado Trail Run


For some of us, the idea of retiring may bring to mind images of relaxing on the couch, joining a couple golf leagues, or maybe even becoming a babysitter to grandkids. When Emily Christian told us she was retiring last year she didn’t give me the impression that sitting on the couch would be one of the options she would pick. Now spending time with grandkids was something that I knew would become a major focus for her. Continue reading Run Richmond Conquers the Rio Salado Trail Run


tracyTracy Humber!!!!

I didn’t know until yesterday, but Tracy killed it (and everyone else) at the Frostbite 5K at EKU.  She won her age group and brought home the medal to prove it. My assumption is that she rubbed it in Tim’s face a little bit because I didn’t hear that he won a medal.

Great job Tracy! I bet you have logged more miles at Run Richmond Group Runs than any other lady. We love having you as part of our community!

Run Richmond Does Great at Renfro Rock N’ Run


Our numbers for the group run this Saturday ended up being a little less than normal. This was a race weekend for many of our regulars. I haven’t heard from several people as of yet how they did, but we did have a few check in and give us an update. The crew in the picture above is Traci, Tim, Brooke and Teresa. These four went down to Renfro and came back with not just the finishers medal, but age group awards. Brooke and Teresa won their age group and Tim and Traci each placed 2nd in theirs.

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Is It A Race Or Is It A Party – WHY NOT BOTH!


We are close to an announcement on this one! What I can tell you is that in the spring we will be doing an event unlike any I can find in Richmond, Madison County, Central KY or even the entire state of Kentucky.
Chenault Vineyards and Run Richmond are going to be partnering on this one of a kind event. We will have a trail run that will travel around the vines on their picturesque property.  The run may travel down into the woods and through the farm surrounding the vines as well. These are the types of details that are still be finalized.

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Wow…You Guys Were Awesome!!!


For the last 5 or 6 months, I have been thinking about and planning the Historic Haunt in my head almost non-stop. Clearly, there are things that I didn’t think of and things that just didn’t work out the way I had wanted. At the end of the day though I can look back and see the images in my mind of the people crossing the finish line with huge smiles on their face…and that makes me happy and it a successful event. Continue reading Wow…You Guys Were Awesome!!!



The Historic Haunt isn’t only going to be a fun event that gives people the opportunity to push themselves to become a better version of themselves, but it also is an opportunity to win cool stuff. We know you can choose any number of races to attend on a Saturday morning in October. We feel like there are numerous reasons that the Historic Haunt is going to stand out from other races. One thing that stands out to me is that we aren’t about making the absolute most money from this race as possible. Our number one question when making decisions is how will this affect the feel of the event. Will it make it better than others? If the answer is no we have tried to come up with a different plan.

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Historic Haunt T-Shirts



We are getting closer every day to the inaugural running of the Historic Haunt at White Hall State Historic Site. I can assure the excitement is building with the Run Richmond team. We have been talking with people about this for months and we are now 18 days away. The bad part about being 18 days away is that means we are only about 3 days away from placing our t-shirt order.

If you plan to register do so before Friday, October 7th to be guaranteed a shirt. We will be ordering some extra shirts, but with this race being a fundraiser for local causes we will be cautious on our t-shirt order. Every shirt that we order that isn’t claimed via race registration is money we take away from our benefactors. That is something we don’t want to happen. We will most likely end up running out of shirts.

There is one easy way to fix this problem. Help us out and register today! When you do you get the shirt in the size you want and we get to give more money to three great causes: Madison Central Cross Country, Daniel Ellis Foundation and Health, Now! Clinic.

Run Richmond Welcomes Trent Funk On Board


Run Richmond started as an idea for an actual race and run club last fall. Run Richmond actually started as a thing way before that when I started running regularly. I knew I needed community to stick with this new running thing and I started looking for people to run with. Trent Funk was one of the first and most frequent people that I called on. I didn’t know then that Run Richmond had just been born, but that is exactly what happened.
Trent was perfect for me because first of all he is a very accomplished runner with PRs that would make most jealous, but even more so he is humble and encouraging. He has the knowledge to instruct and train someone to exercise/run effectively, but the personality to do it in a way that is encouraging. I had zero chance to keep up with Trent when we went running together, but when we ran he always talked about how I was pulling him along and how he really needed me to keep him going. I knew then and now that he was full of it and was slowing down to keep me motivated. I appreciated it then and I still do to this day.
I bring up Trent because as this Run Richmond thing has grown into Run Richmond, LLC and become an actual company with more potential and opportunities than I can handle on my own I knew I needed help. Trent was the first person I though of and he jumped at the chance to join Run Richmond. Trent and I share a vision for Run Richmond. We both want Run Richmond to encourage a healthy lifestyle by creating opportunities for people to build relationships that are going to provide accountability and encouragement.
Run Richmond, LLC is going to keep putting on first rate events like the Historic Haunt and using the proceeds to empower local organizations to do good things. With Trent on board we are going to be able to expand our reach. We can do more and bigger events. I am very excited to have Trent on board and can’t wait to see where Run Richmond takes us.
If you haven’t signed up for the Historic Haunt yet I encourage you to do so today. That way I can tell Trent that his post alone encouraged 100 people (or whatever) to sign up for our race. If you know Trent personally you know that he has the heart of a servant and will do whatever possible to help someone out. If you haven’t met Trent yet then when you do make fun of him for being a Georgia Tech fan. If anything he deserves ridicule for that. Soon Trent plans to start hosting a Run Richmond Group Run in town during the week. We think more options for people to get connected and run together can’t be a bad thing. Info will come about that as we get it more organized.
Trent is currently on the mend from a ruptured achilles and is planning to run the Historic Haunt as his first race back from surgery. So this may be your best chance to beat him in a race. Although from what I have seen it is still going to take a pretty good time.

Course Maps and the Connection Between Community and Fitness


The course has been set and even tested. I have had a general idea of the course for the Inaugural Historic Haunt 5K and 10K for some time now. I have done several runs at White Hall with the specific purpose of finding the perfect course. What I eventually did was call Bob Baney from RaceRise and have him come out and make it perfect. We are set now (unless we think of a way to tweak it). :-) Continue reading Course Maps and the Connection Between Community and Fitness