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madison livingRun Richmond needs you. Saturday, January 27th will be our next Group Run and we need it to be a big one. Madison Living magazine is sending out someone to do an article on Run Richmond. They want to get some photos for the piece and for great photos we need lots of runners/walkers.

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Run Richmond 26.2….Quarter Horse Marathon Relay

cover photo

I put out a teaser on Facebook that Run Richmond is bringing a 26.2 to Richmond and you guys went crazy. At Run Richmond we like doing things a little bit different than the norm. We have been talking with our buddies at RaceRise about the Quarter Horse Marathon Relay and the decision has been made to partner on this event and move it to Richmond. White Hall Park (where Run Richmond has weekly group runs) is the perfect venue for this. Richmond needs more races that have distance. Richmond needs more races that are well run and fun to be in. This race will check all the right more…

5 Days. Still Time To Register!


We are truly down to the wire on this race. 5 Days is all we have left to wait. It has been almost a year since nearly 300 of you ran around White Hall and helped us have a great race. We hope everyone has, even more, fun this year than last year. We think that is possible because of our great sponsors. read more…

10 Days till Historic Haunt

Historic Haunt-Brave-Enough2017

We are now just 10 days from the 2017 Historic Haunt. The awards are in. The shirts are ordered and the DJ is booked. We are ready to make this happen. The 2016 Historic Haunt was Run Richmond’s first attempt to put on a race and I think we did a pretty good job. The event went off without any major issues. We had some learning moments that we had to deal with, but that is to be more…

FREE Swiftwick Socks from Soft Shoe for Run Richmond Runners/Walkers


Over the past several years, we at Soft Shoe have noticed a big trend towards running in Richmond.

A good portion of our customers who purchase premium running shoes from brands like Brooks, Saucony, and Hoka have always bought them because they needed comfortable shoes for every day use. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more people come in who logged a good number of miles every week and needed quality running shoes because they were actually hitting the pavement/trail with them. When David Stewart started Run Richmond, we were excited about the possibilities a run club in our town could provide to grow the running lifestyle and unify area more…

Historic Haunt 5K Team Challenge

Team Challenge

I have written many posts over the last couple years about how we exist to build community amongst runners in our area. That is absolutely at the heart of why Run Richmond exist and what drives most of the things we try to accomplish. That is what I would call a fundamental part of Run Richmond. A fundamental part of my nature as an individual is competition and challenges. They push me for more and almost always help me accomplish my more…

Group Run In Berea

group run_generic2A little over a month ago we did our first Run Richmond Group Run at the Woodchip trail on EKU’s campus. As we mentioned back then we hope to move our group run once a month to a new location so that everyone can explore new places to run and more importantly CONQUER NEW GROUND. That sounds impressive doesn’t it? This Saturday (August 19th) we will be on the move again. Only this time we won’t be at EKU. This month we are traveling down to Berea College.

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Historic Haunt 2017 – Bigger and Better

Historic Haunt-Brave-Enough2017 It seems a little bit hard for me to believe that people are signing up for the second Historic Haunt. It seems as though it was just a short time ago that the decision to start Run Richmond was made. When that happened I started running regularly at White Hall. I got to have a real love/hate relationships with some of those hills. So when we decided that a race was going to be the best way to help build and support the running community in Richmond it made sense to do it at White Hall. I am so glad that things worked out the way they did.

The first Historic Haunt didn’t go off without any hitches. We made a few mistakes and learned some valuable lessons. Overall though it was a huge success. We donated over $3000 to local organizations. We had numerous people commenting that this was the first 5K or 10K they had ever done and we had a couple dozen kids possibly start a love of running by doing the free Little Goblins Run. We had fun, from what I heard you guys had fun it was just a big win all the way around.

Like I said though we learned some lessons from our mistakes. We applied those lessons to the Water To Wine 5K this May. That race became even bigger than the Historic Haunt in registrations and in exposure for Run Richmond. The Water To Wine 5K was a tremendous success all the way around. The good news is that we learned from that as well. We want to take the lessons from our first two races and keep improving both of them.

The main thing we learned from the Water To Wine is that we loved partying with you guys. The “Twine Market & Design Party In The Barn” was awesome. That is the type of thing that builds community. Spending time with each other talking and having fun. That is what we want to add to the Historic Haunt. That is one reason that we have moved the start time to 5:30 pm. We loved having the food truck at the Water To Wine 5K. Food trucks for morning races don’t seem to make as much sense to me. Plus, let us be honest, a party is going to be better on Saturday evening than bright and early on Saturday morning.

So this year the Historic Haunt is going to be new and improved. Our vision is for there to be fire pits lit after dark with people roasting marshmallows while people tell their “ghost stories” from the White Hall State Historic Site. We hope to have the Apollo Pizza food truck on site providing the best post race meal you could imagine. What hope for more than anything is that we have a ton of new runners that chose this to be their first race. We hope that you decided to push past your 5K comfort zone and choose the 10K. We hope that registrations go so well that we get to write over $5000 in checks to our charity partners for this event.

If you haven’t already get registered right away.  Tell your friends about the race. Share the Facebook Event. Contact us if you are part of a business or know of a business that would like to become a sponsor for the race. We will be doing tons of marketing over the next few months and our sponsors will get a bunch of recognition.

Change Is Good, So We Are Going To Make Some Changes

change is good

Anyone else do there best thinking in the car? Well, I don’t know that it is accurate to say my best thinking, but I do know that I think about things in the car. The drive to and from work, for some people, is about the only time you are alone to think and process. Process life quitely is a very healthy thing to do. So with that knowledge we should all be thankful of traffic jams…OK maybe that was a bit too far. Anyway thinking is good and I have been more…

Funk’s Headed To Bolivia

compassion1Most of you that have spent time chatting with Trent or myself probably learned that we met each other through our church (Crossroads). We have both been attending the Richmond campus of Crossroads for years and what started as a friendship and mutual love of running has turned into a partnership. We also share a love for the organization Compassion International. It is a child sponsorship program that is well ran and truly investing in the kids that you sponsor and making a difference in communities all across the more…

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