Workout of the Week #2


Workout of the Week #2 “Death By Speed Work”

I know, you only run for fun and relaxation, not to induce pain. Speed Work for most of us could be equated with torture like waterboarding, electric shock, or dinner with the In-laws (I being the exception have great In-laws). So we hit the road and get our miles.  We run some tempo runs, some long slow distance and even throw in a few trail runs but we plateau and we never improve.  In comes the feared enemy, most of us love to avoid, known as speed work.

So before you click past this blog and erase it from your brain. Let me tell you what it is, and what its not. There are different schools of though on this topic but for me, Continue reading Workout of the Week #2

Workout of the Week

runnerIf you are like my partner and relatively new to running or an old grizzled veteran, its nice to hear from someone else out there grinding just like you. And everyone likes to encourage his or her friend or child to be the guinea pig and try something new or even get back on the horse again. Mix in a crazy goal with this and then you have the premise of this 7-week winter blog. Continue reading Workout of the Week



My church, Crossroads, has started a new series called Resilient. The first thing I can tell you is that Crossroads does an amazing job of making things interesting. The promo pieces for this series, like the one above, have been great. But more important than that is how important the idea of being resilient is in life. Has anyone else noticed that things frequently don’t happen the way we like? Has anyone else ever felt like life just nailed you in the side of the head with something that you never saw coming? Continue reading RESILIENT

In 2016 We Got Better, In 2017 Lets Do The Same


Congrats to David and Tim on their first and second place finishes in the Resolution Run on 12-31-16. David had a 1st in age group finish and Tim was 2nd. I ran that race last year and there were lots of runners and it was a fun race. I am glad I didn’t have that one on my schedule this year because those two would have blown by me and then I would have killed myself trying to keep up. Continue reading In 2016 We Got Better, In 2017 Lets Do The Same

It’s Winter And I Would Still Rather Run Outside


Treadmill running is pretty much evil if you ask me and since you most likely clicked something to get here I am going to pretend you actually asked me. Somehow I always run harder and excerpt more energy on the treadmill than I do on the same run outside, at least that is how it feels. I can knock out 8:30 miles for a couple hours outside and still feel pretty good. I can get on the treadmill and run 30 minutes at what it tells me would be an 8:45 pace and be begging for mercy. Continue reading It’s Winter And I Would Still Rather Run Outside

2 HOUR MARATHON, Is It Really Possible?


This is a photo of Dennis Kimetto crossing the finish line for a marathon at a finish time that was faster than my last half marathon! Dennis finished the marathon in Berlin back in 2014 setting the world record by running 26.2 miles in 2:02:57.

My PR for the half marathon is 1:50 I have bragged that at least no one alive could catch me if I was running the half and they ran the full. Well, they are getting close to my PR and actually would have gotten me on my last half…I gotta lose some weight again! Continue reading 2 HOUR MARATHON, Is It Really Possible?

Anyone Besides Me Been Busy?


I had a post planned in my head that I was planning to write this morning about being busy and hoping to encourage you all by letting you know that you aren’t alone if you feel busy and overwhelmed in this holiday season. My life with family, work, church, Run Richmond & everything that comes with each of them has been about as busy for the last few weeks as it could possibly be. As I started this post I jumped online (as I usually do) to find a graphic that correlates with my post. I googled the word busy and started looking for something that jumped out at me.  That is when words I have known before smacked me in the face again. Continue reading Anyone Besides Me Been Busy?

It’s Official! Run Richmond’s 2nd Race is Happening!


Details have been in the works for a while now, but it has finally came together. The Inaugural Water to Wine 5K will be May 12th 2017 at Chenault Vineyards. As I have talked to people about this race and described what the plans are there has been one phrase that has stuck out to me. Each conversation ends including the statement “Is it a race or is it a party?”. I don’t believe we have to choose. I say we put on the best 5K Vineyard Run possible and follow that up with the best post race party you have ever been to. Continue reading It’s Official! Run Richmond’s 2nd Race is Happening!