Did Anyone Ever Tell You Life Changing Stuff Would Be Easy?


Seems like that was just yesterday that we rang in 2017 doesn’t it? Is it just me or as we get older do the years seem to fly by a lot quicker? Just over a week from now it will be April. That mean that 3 months of 2017 will be done. 3 months that many of us had hoped would be the beginning of a healthier life. 3 months that we hoped would be the time that we decided to go to the gym and actually stick with it or 3 months that we planned to develop healthier eating habits. How is that going? Are your resolutions, if you made any, still going strong? Continue reading Did Anyone Ever Tell You Life Changing Stuff Would Be Easy?

Pasta Party and Water – Is that All Race Prep Is?

running nutrition

It didn’t take me very long as a new runner to figure out the importance of hydration. It did take me quite a bit longer to actually pay attention to nutrition. Actually, it took me until I started training for a half marathon to realize that nutrition influenced my performance. For 5K runs and even 10K distances I can probably survive (but not thrive) with my normal diet and some extra water leading to the run. Continue reading Pasta Party and Water – Is that All Race Prep Is?

You Know An Event Is Good When It’s TV Good. Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run is TV Good!

fox 56

I have been saying since week one of registrations for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run that this race was different. I have also been saying that the energy behind it is something pretty special. Now I have proof. Our “little” run and party at Chenault Vineyards has gotten the attention of some of the folks at Fox 56. They agree this a cool new event. They love that we are doing something to support and help build up the running community in Central KY, but also that we are doing it in a way that partners with outstanding charities to help fund them. Continue reading You Know An Event Is Good When It’s TV Good. Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run is TV Good!

May 14th 2017 Mean Anything To You?


Have you sat down and looked at the calendar for the month of May yet? I know a bunch of you have, because you registered for the Water to Wine 5K Vineyard Run and I’m sure you checked to see if you had anything else scheduled that weekend. We scheduled the race that particular Friday (May 12th) for a few reasons that don’t matter to this post. One amazing reason for it to be scheduled that particular Friday is what is happening that Sunday.

Continue reading May 14th 2017 Mean Anything To You?

Are You Feeling Foolish?

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I talk a lot on here about building community and using movement to get healthy. Those are great things that are the cornerstones of Run Richmond, but there is another aspect to running and Run Richmond as well. We want the people that choose to be part of our events to have fun. Run Richmond events have been successful so far because there has been a real effort put into trying to make them fun as well as rewarding. Continue reading Are You Feeling Foolish?

Register Now and Save

discount extended

I will admit that I would do a lot more races if I didn’t hate to pay for them. It’s not that I don’t think they are worth the money. Or even that I can’t really afford to do them. It really comes down to deciding whether or not I want to spend that money on myself. We all deserve to splurge every now and then. We all want to enjoy the stuff we like and we have a right to do so. We also all have people we love and if you love sacrificially that means that you want to give more than you receive. My wife would probably argue that I don’t live that out as well as I would hope (and she is right), but that doesn’t change the fact that when it comes time to register for a race I get frustrated at myself for spending the money. Continue reading Register Now and Save


Man running alone at dawn


Alone is a very scary word for a lot of people. Alone often brings stress for those that crave community or worse crave validation.  Being stuck alone is a nightmare that tortures so many people. Being alone long term is absolutely not good for us. We are designed to thrive in community. Spending time with others is absolutely a good thing. We can learn from others wins and losses. We can invest in our people as they are in turn investing in us. Community is absolutely a win-win situation. Continue reading ALONE

Who Wants To Get Muddy?

Tough Mudder

Have I ever mentioned that I am motivated by a challenge? I have been struggling to get my training in gear and keep the momentum for healthy life changes that I made in 2015 and 2016. I finally realized that what happened is the motivation wasn’t the same. I started with the half marathon and exceeded my expectations with those. Then I did the full marathon with a goal of saying I had done one. Well, now I can say that. I don’t have anything pushing me to train for.

Let me correct that. I didn’t have anything pushing me to train. I do now. Doing a Tough Mudder competition has never really been a desire of mine. I always thought that I am a runner and I want to run. The problem is I have become too comfortable running. I will never stop running (as long as my body will let me), but the desire to push myself comes from a need to accomplish something new. The new thing that will make me uncomfortable and make me work hard to prove I can do it is the Tough Mudder.

If you have a desire to do a Tough Mudder I have some good news. Run Richmond is all in on making this happen. We have decided to create a Run Richmond team for the June Tough Mudder Half at Kentucky Speedway. Trent and I are both going to do this and we are going to buy two extra tickets. Those tickets will be given away via a contest that has yet to be determined. My hope is that we can motivate enough of you to join us that we can actually have two teams. Tough Mudders are all about start together and finish together and I love that. I also love competition. My hope is that we can get 10-12 people to join our Run Richmond team. Then we could split into Team Trent and Team David and have a little fun competition.

If you feel the need to challenge yourself in a new way and want to join us contact Trent or I. If you are a Tough Mudder veteran and ready to kill the course don’t mention that to Trent and shoot me an email or give me a call. It will be our little secret.

The point of this is to get me, and maybe you, out of our comfort zones. Growth happens when there is an obstacle to overcome. I need to grow some more. I have a feeling there are others out there that are too comfortable logging their miles each week and need to push themselves. The Run Richmond team(s) will be for people of any fitness level. Run Richmond group runs will be a great starting point if you don’t think you can do it. Come on Saturday morning and lets talk about how to get from point A to point B.

Take A Kid For A Run – Even If You Need To Trick Them To Go


There isn’t much I enjoy more than seeing a family doing something together. In my family we have some very different personalities and some very different interest. I have one daughter that is generally more interested in hanging out inside and not getting dirty and another daughter that has always begged to be able to go outside and do something fun. The funny part about that is that if I say lets go for a run the inside girl will jump and get her shoes on and the outside girl will all of a sudden have a stomach ache. Continue reading Take A Kid For A Run – Even If You Need To Trick Them To Go

What’s Your Word?


It seems to be a popular thing now, at least with ladies in my life, to have a special word for the year. The point is to find a specific word that you feel you need to work on and let that word guide you for the year. It could be something like STRENGTH if you are a person that feels insignificant or doesn’t usually stand up for what is right. Or maybe CALM if you are a person that is highly emotional and gets fired up about things easily. If you want to have some fun look for the people wearing a bracelet with a word like this on it. Don’t let them know you saw the bracelet and start giving them advice around that topic. They will be blown away and you will look like a very insightful person.

I have never had a word before. Never even thought much about having a word of the year. I sat down to write this post today and was planning to write about taking the time to let my ankle heal. The only thing that kept popping into my head was the word PATIENCE. If I was more patient I could wait for a different story idea, but since I’m not I am going with this. Continue reading What’s Your Word?