About Me

Finisher Photo From 2015 Iron Horse Half
Finisher Photo From
2015 Iron Horse Half

OK, my name is David Stewart and I started Run Richmond because running has helped me transform my life and I want to build community around other people on the same journey.

I started this journey a couple years ago when I was dieting and realized I could eat more food if I burned more calories. I started running and enjoyed some results with weight loss. The problem I had was that the diet was just that, a diet, not a life change. Since there was no life change I stopped dieting and running and gained back all my weight.

I turned 40,¬† December 2014 and decided that at 250 I needed to do something different or I wasn’t going to be around for my wife and kids. I knew I enjoyed running a couple years ago so I thought I would go at it again. This time the motivation is different, the plan has been different and most importantly the sustainability is different. I now make healthy food choices and running is an added bonus not a cover up for poor eating. I now weigh around 195 and since Sept. 26 I completed my first two half marathons. The Mill Race Half Marathon in Columbus, IN at 1:53 and the Iron Horse Half Marathon in Midway at 1:50.

The actual running has helped burn calories, but the relationships I have built while running with people has motivated me to push myself. I want to be part of that for others. If you run or want to run this is a place you can come to share stories, ask questions, and hopefully get motivated.