madison livingRun Richmond needs you. Saturday, January 27th will be our next Group Run and we need it to be a big one. Madison Living magazine is sending out someone to do an article on Run Richmond. They want to get some photos for the piece and for great photos we need lots of runners/walkers.

Actually, we always need/want lots of you. It just makes things more fun. If you didn’t notice it has been pretty cold the last couple months. Overall we still keep pretty consistent with our numbers for group runs, but when the numbers get down in the single digits frequently our numbers do the same. We understand and expect things to be down when it is that cold. Some people choose the treadmill and others just wait to see if the sun will pop out and make it more bearable for a quick run.

Last Saturday though things started to change. The weather went back up to what many would call near perfect conditions and with that, we had a great turn out. Lets carry that momentum to next Saturday. I would love for us to average twice as many people at group runs as we do. Not because there is any financial advantage to Run Richmond from that (because there isn’t). Bigger numbers are great because that means the community is growing. That means more people are making connections with others that are on a similar path and they can support or encourage each other.

At Run Richmond, we really want to connect people. We want to connect people so that when a person wakes up one morning and doesn’t feel like getting out of bed to get that workout in they have people that will know if they skip. Sometimes that is all the motivation it will take to keep you going. We all struggle from time to time to stay motivated. The greatest motivation aide I have experienced is community. I want to show the readers of Madison Living what type of community of runners and walkers we have in Richmond.

See you Saturday at 8:00 am!

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