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I put out a teaser on Facebook that Run Richmond is bringing a 26.2 to Richmond and you guys went crazy. At Run Richmond we like doing things a little bit different than the norm. We have been talking with our buddies at RaceRise about the Quarter Horse Marathon Relay and the decision has been made to partner on this event and move it to Richmond. White Hall Park (where Run Richmond has weekly group runs) is the perfect venue for this. Richmond needs more races that have distance. Richmond needs more races that are well run and fun to be in. This race will check all the right boxes.

quarter horse marathon relay_logo3The Quarter Horse Marathon Relay was run last year in Lexington at the Club at UK’s Spindletop Hall. That was an OK venue, but after spending time with Run Richmond at White Hall it was obvious to RaceRise that White Hall was a better fit. The way this race works is completely up to you. You can sign up as an individual and run the entire distance, but it is designed as a relay. We have mapped a 16 loop course on the paved trails at White Hall and your team will divide the loops up and go run. Relay teams will have a baton that they must carry the entire 26.2 miles. Individuals will be chip timed with a bib.

The race website ( will give you tons of details about the race and team sizes and stuff like that. I won’t go into all the details on here. But your team can be pretty much any size you want. Teams of 4 must have a new runner on each loop, but any other size team can divide loops in any manner you choose.

tent cityAt Run Richmond, we try to build a community aspect into our races. Whether that be a really cool after party or just some food trucks to give you a reason to stick around and get to know other runners from the area. This race fits perfectly with our vision of community. There will be a “Tent City” so that runners can rest, refuel, cheer on teammates and mingle with the other teams. This is a full 26.2 so you will have some time to get to know some people. The tent city will be party central for the Quarter Horse and we are working on finalizing details for entertainment.

The last bit of information I will drop on you is that this race will be part of a new race series that Run Richmond is looking to have at White Hall. We already have the Historic Haunt and now Quarter Horse. We are in talks with adding one at least one more and hopefully two more distinct races at White Hall to have a series at what we consider one of the best race venues in Central KY if not the entire state. Keep listening for more details on the series, but for now, get signed up for the Quarter Horse Marathon Relay in March.


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