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Have you ever been in one of those periods in your life where it seemed like running ate up all of your time? I am fairly positive if you are a marathoner, training for that the first one gave you that feeling. I can remember training for mine and thinking that it seems all I ever do is run and work. To be honest, that doesn’t sound that bad right now. But, when you are on mile 18 and have to get to 20 or 22 your perspective on that changes.

I think it is important to find a good balance in your life with everything. This is a running site and I am a race director so obviously, I want you to run as much as possible. But more than my desire for people to run is for people to have a healthy life. Not just to be healthy, but to have a healthy life. If running dominates your life you are quite possibly neglecting something (or someone) else.

neglected houseNeglect cause things to break down. If you neglect a house over the years the weeds will start taking over and the home will begin to sag and deteriorate.  The same thing will happen to your body, your relationships, your career, even your mental health. Neglect never causes something to improve.  So it is crucial to find that balance in your life that will let you prosper in most if not all areas of your life.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we would hope. I feel as though I have neglected Run Richmond over the last month or two. Leading into the Historic Haunt, Run Richmond had taken a lot of my life. I had neglected some other responsibilities and needed to take a week or two to get everything else back on track. That was going well until a member our family was diagnosed with cancer and because of the cancer began having strokes. Things have changed and the life of my family is being dominated by the need to care for someone we love. It is our choice to take on this responsibility and we wouldn’t have it any other way, but that choice has consequences. One of those consequences for me has been not being able to run as much as I would like and not being able to put the time into Run Richmond that it deserves.

The good news is that Run Richmond was built as a community of people supporting each other. My presence at Saturday group runs isn’t crucial. I have made most (but not all) group runs and the ones I haven’t you all have gotten along just fine. I will continue to find ways in this new reality we are in to make time for running and for Run Richmond. Unfortunately, you may notice that you don’t see me at as many races. You probably already noticed that there is a lot less post on the site than there used to be. All that is fine because everything has a season. I have had many seasons that I let be dominated by running. I will have many more. I hope to someday have a season that we can take Run Richmond to the next level and I know that we will. For now though, I will see you on most Saturdays. I will post articles as time allows and I will continue to help do the things in my life that seem most important. Right now that is taking care of my family.

I would appreciate prayers for my mother-in-law, Betty, and her kids. Cancer is a horrible disease that can rock a person to the core. Sadly, if you love someone suffering that can be just as hard as having the disease itself. My wife and her siblings are devastated watching their mom deal with this. God never promised an easy life, but I know He puts people in our path to help us when things are hard. This is hard…we will persevere.

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