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It seems as if life has been a bit of a wirl wind since the Historic Haunt. I guess I put enough energy into getting things ready for the race that when it was over I had to play catch up on all my other responsibilities. Because of that I haven’t put a new blog post up here for a while. Most of you probably didn’t notice and the rest likely see it as a good thing. Either way I am somewhat caught up on life and ready to go at this again.

I don’t know if you have had time to scroll through photos from the Historic Haunt or not, but they are awesome. Here is a link. Scott from our timing partner, RaceRise, broke out his camera and we are glad he did. Scott has been to lots of races. He has seen just about anything you could imagine from a race course. So he decided it would be a great idea to park himself right at the top of one of the steepest hills on the course and take photos.

Now you would expect a lot of people to look like they are dying climbing to the top of the hill, but it is amazing what a camera can do to peoples mood. As people crest the hill and see Scott snapping pictures the doom seemed to float away and the smiles came into view. One of the worst parts of the race course produced some of the coolest race photos I have ever seen. People laughing, smiling, waving, interacting with the camera and other racers. All things that seem improbable at that point of the race.

What I believe was happening is the camera was distracting people from what would have otherwise been a frustrating hill climb. The focus wasn’t on the hill it was on the camera and all of a sudden the hill wasn’t quite as bad. I think we can all learn a lesson from this. As we go through life we will have hills to climb. Some hills are going to be monsters and others are just enough to slow us down a bit. Either way they are messing with our plans. When we hit those hills we have two choices. We can either focus on the hill and complain and fight it the entire time OR we can focus on other things and let the hill just be part of the journey.

Running isn’t always easy. Life isn’t always easy. Both will likely be a little easier if we can keep our attitude positive. I think the reason most people smiled at the camera is that they want people to see them enjoying the run because in reality they are. If we go through life concentrating on our joy instead of our pain life will be a little easier. That’s not saying the pain doesn’t exist…just that the focus doesn’t have to be on the pain. You just have to remember…

If you’re not having fun…your’re not doing it right!

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