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We are truly down to the wire on this race. 5 Days is all we have left to wait. It has been almost a year since nearly 300 of you ran around White Hall and helped us have a great race. We hope everyone has, even more, fun this year than last year. We think that is possible because of our great sponsors.

Arch for use on ColorOur local McDonald’s has been with us from the beginning. They make sure everyone can rehydrate with some waters after the race. They give us apple slices to snack on and that is all over and above the money that they give to become a sponsor. We definitely couldn’t pull this off at the same level without their support.

softshoe_logoSoft Shoe is like McDonald’s and has always been there to jump in and help out. Donating prizes, doing giveaways at our group runs, I just can’t list all the ways that Soft Shoe has been a blessing to Run Richmond.


LM_3DAGC is a factory here in Richmond that has not only sponsored each of our races, but they have also paid registration fees for employees. This shows the type of dedication to health and wellness that Run Richmond is trying to foster in our community. They have been and will continue to be a big part of the future for Run Richmond.

CT DieselCT Diesel Performance has been a sponsor for both of our Historic Haunts. Chris Thorne is the owner and he understands that being part of the community and giving back helps not only those receiving but the community as a whole. I can assure you that if you have issues with your car or truck you won’t find a better mechanic to work on it. He does everything from tires, full diesel engine replacements. If it is part of your car/truck he will be able to take care of you.

logoCottage On Main has been with us for multiple races as well. Cottage is a success story of its own and we are happy to be along for the ride. Cottage on Main started as a dream for two ladies that had a passion. That passion has taken them from a little shop on Main to a huge mansion just down the road with a condo in Florida just for good measure. They are awesome ladies that have a wonderful business and we are happy to work with them.

casaThis is the first race we have Casa Fiesta Mexican Restaurant and Casa Cafe Mexican Restaurant as sponsors. They are the Best Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Richmond, Kentucky. I see the guys from Casa out running all the time and we have developed a great relationship with them. They are almost as passionate about running as they are about creating great fajitas and I can tell you from lots of “research” that they have outstanding fajitas. We appreciate their support and hope to work together on many more events.


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