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We are now just 10 days from the 2017¬†Historic Haunt. The awards are in. The shirts are ordered and the DJ is booked. We are ready to make this happen. The 2016 Historic Haunt was Run Richmond’s first attempt to put on a race and I think we did a pretty good job. The event went off without any major issues. We had some learning moments that we had to deal with, but that is to be expected.

The 2017 Historic Haunt comes with the knowledge gained from the previous Historic Haunt, but also the Water To Wine 5K back in May. We are ready and we are excited. We have heard from a lot of dissapointed people that they will be out of town and unable to do this race this year (notes for next year…check date for fall break). We hate that some of you will be missing it this year, but the good news is that we will have more races coming up and this race will be around again in 12 months. I will say that the t-shirts for the Historic Haunt are going to be pretty awesome. If you really don’t want to miss out on the shirt go ahead and register and do a virtual 5K. We don’t have an official Virtual 5K option on the registration page, but their is no reason that you can’t do your own.

21730942_10212953890789323_4140386666819265804_nThe course for the 5K and 10K will be the exact same as last year. There are hills, but any run at Whitehall is going to have hills. The rolling landscape is part of what makes the race so beautiful to run. I agree the course is hilly, but I have my 10K PR on the Historic Haunt course and I had numerous people tell me last year that they set PRs during the Historic Haunt. It isn’t a flat course, but it does race fairly fast. If we have good weather (which right now it’s calling for) then this should be a fairly fast race again. If you aren’t the least bit worried about your time that is great as well. You can run or walk at your own speed and see some amazing sites along the way. Just a couple weekends ago I took these photos while I was at White Hall for our group run.¬† You won’t be disappointed if you slow down and enjoy the views.21731278_10212953890949327_6727608498112980245_n

I have been pushing everyone to get registered before we placed the t-shirt order, but that has been done. We ordered extra shirts so you didn’t miss your chance. Just head on over to www.HistoricHaunt.com and choose your distance. When you get to the registration page it will give you the option to choose your shirt size. If we have sold out of your size you can choose a different size or choose the no shirt option that will save you $5.00. Right now the only thing we are sold out on is the XX Large shirts, but we are lower on a couple other sizes so don’t wait too long.



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