Why do you run so much? Isn’t it going to hurt your body?

Knee-painI don’t know if you have heard of the Running Shoes Guru, but it is a website that I check from time to time to get reviews on different items and see if anything new jumps out at me. At some point I ended up on a mailing list for them and get an email every now and then. The text below is from the latest email I received. I think it speaks to a problem that a lot of us runners deal with from our non-running family and friends. The big question we all get….Why do you run so much? Isn’t it going to hurt your body?

Check out what the Running Shoes Guru found for us.

running shoes guruHi

we all need some motivation from time to time, right ? I found a few studies related to running and I thought you might find them interesting

Physical Health:

A 2008 study from Dr James Fries, at Stanford University, tracked 528 runners and 423 non-runners beginning in 1984. Conclusions:

“You are less likely to get blood clots and varicose veins. Bones become stronger and denser. It’s a treatment for osteoporosis. It prevents fractures of the hips and spine. The ligaments get bigger and stronger – they protect the joints from wobbling, which is one of the causes joints wear out. Lungs get stronger.”

Other conclusions from the same study:

  • Runners suffer fewer disabilities
  • Runners delay age-related disabilities by 2 decades
  • Runners are 7 times LESS LIKELY to require knee replacements
  • Runners are less likely to suffer from cancer
  • Running does NOT increase hip, back or knee problems.

…not bad, right?

Weight Loss

A 2012 study from Lawrence Berkley National Lab compared the weight loss of 32k runners vs 15k walkers.

Over six years, the runners averaged 90% more weight loss than the walker for the same amount of calories burned.

Makes you smarter

A series of studies conducted in Georgia in 2003, concluded that submaximal aerobic exercise improves people’s ability to process information.

A 2004 study from UCLA showed that consistant exercise helps regenerate nerve function in the brain.

Well…. this might not help in in your training. But rest assured that your training is helping your life!

And if you found this email interesting, please forward it to your runner friends (and maybe, the non-runners).
Have a good run today!