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Over the past several years, we at Soft Shoe have noticed a big trend towards running in Richmond.

A good portion of our customers who purchase premium running shoes from brands like Brooks, Saucony, and Hoka have always bought them because they needed comfortable shoes for every day use. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more people come in who logged a good number of miles every week and needed quality running shoes because they were actually hitting the pavement/trail with them. When David Stewart started Run Richmond, we were excited about the possibilities a run club in our town could provide to grow the running lifestyle and unify area runners.

We knew that Soft Shoe should seek connection in any way possible with Run Richmond. Since its inception, Run Richmond has not only organized a weekly group run for runners of all levels, but has also brought exciting new events to Madison County as well as made generous contributions to local charities. Knowing that our sponsorship investments benefit our local community makes a partnership between Run Richmond and Soft Shoe a no-brainer. We had the opportunity to host the packet pickup for the Water to Wine 5k this summer and saw a substantial increase in sales in the weeks around the event. One of our missions is to convey to the community that we carry all their favorite running brands, and have a well trained staff who can save customers an unnecessary trip into Lexington. One of our greatest tools is our iStep Scanner (Albert) that uses five-thousand sensors to evaluate foot pressure, arch type, and pronation along with numerous other foot issues. We have found that many people want to run, but have stopped due to an injury that could have been easily prevented by being placed in proper footwear. It is very gratifying to help someone find the right shoe and watch them cross the finish line at a local 5K the next weekend.

Historic Haunt-logoNobody can predict the future, but Run Richmond seems like a growing organization and Soft Shoe plans to thrive alongside them. On October 7th, Run Richmond is hosting the Historic Haunt 5K & 10K at White Hall Historic Site. We are proud to not only sponsor the Historic Haunt, but also help drive attention to the event with a giveaway to Run Richmond’s runners who attend the group run on September 16th at White Hall at 7:30 am.


Swiftwick_giveawayEach runner who attends September 16th’s group run will receive a voucher for a free pair of Swiftwick compression socks. All you have to do is show up and have a run/walk. This is a great opportunity if you are thinking about joining the group because there should be plenty of other “newbies”.  I will be there myself to chat, meet people, and answer any questions anyone may have about Soft Shoe’s products and level of service. I am so thankful for Run Richmond and the opportunities it is providing to my hometown.


You can get more information about group runs on the Run Richmond Group Runs page and you can look for the Group Run Event on the Run Richmond Facebook Page. You can get info on and sign up for the Historic Haunt at
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