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At this point, we are just weeks away from the 2nd Annual Historic Haunt. Details are coming together, sponsorships are about to be announced and the planning is almost over. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the Historic Haunt this year. Everything is going to be better. The county just added a big new parking lot so we don’t have to stress about getting everyone parked. We have a great new Run Richmond finish line so when you come sprinting into the finish and we get those great finish line photos there will be a big Run Richmond logo for the world to see. Plus when you cross that line you can grab a water bottle to rehydrate and then walk right over to either the food truck for food energy or the fire pit to roast a marshmallow. This is going to be awesome.

I check registrations frequently and I know many of you still have not registered. You still have time to get registered, but maybe not as long as you think. The really cool GLOW IN THE DARK t-shirts that we are doing for this race are going to take a little longer to produce. We have to place that order in about two weeks. We are about a month from the race, but that doesn’t mean you have a month to get registered.

Over the next couple weeks, we will be doing some giveaways with some of our sponsors. When that happens the giveaways will be for people that interact with the sponsor and are registered for the Historic Haunt. You need to get registered now if you plan to so when the opportunity presents itself to win a prize you aren’t scrambling to qualify.

The main reason I want people to get registered for the race is our charity partners. Health Now Clinic is an organization here in Richmond that gives people a chance for quality medical care no matter what their financial situation looks like. Health Now Clinic doesn’t have some rich financial backer that is paying the bills so that he can give back and feel good about himself. Health Now Clinic is funded by people just like you and me. People that give to make a difference even though it is sometimes hard to do so.

Without events like the Historic Haunt to give them money they could end up turning people away because they couldn’t buy the supplies needed to be open. They could be forced to not help a person in desperate need of medication because they have no funds to get. I am not saying that the Historic Haunt will donate enough to Health Now to keep it running. I am saying that every little bit helps. Because that is how they are primarily funded. Lots of donations from everyday people.

Health Now exists to fill a need in society. As a member of that same society, I feel an obligation to do my part to help them live out their mission. As I look at my budget at the end of the month I realize that on my own it will be hard to make the difference I feel called to make. So that is where you come in. I have Run Richmond and this platform at my disposal to help Health Now Clinic. Together we can have a real impact on Health Now Clinic.

The good news is that I am not asking you to write a check to make a difference and get nothing in return. We have a great event planned. For the price of your registration, you get a lot in return. Not just the race, but the shirt, the party, the prizes AND the satisfaction of making a difference in our community. We are all just a bad accident or a couple mistakes away from being in the same situation as many of Health Now Clinics clients. Help me help them.

Get more information and get register for the Historic Haunt at www.HistoricHaunt.com

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