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Medal Display

As a runner the pain of training days make the joy of successfully achieving that goal even sweeter. It’s kind of sad to not enjoy that feeling more often than just race day and really there are only 2 ways I can think of to stoke the fire of those great memories. First, join a community. We were all made with an innate desire to be a part of community. I casually interact with my University of West Georgia Cross Country team through a FB group or you could join a local running group. We at Run Richmond meet weekly at White Hall State Shrine in Richmond Kentucky 3 Saturday’s a month and travel to a visit a new running spot once a month. All runners, walkers and generally people of any skill level are welcome and we ‘d love to see you out there. Second, build a cool Bib and Medal display to start the conversation with guests you host. 

Here’s my DIY swing that took around an hour, and used mostly items I had available around the house. Below I will give you “What You’ll Need” and “What To Do” to make your own.  The rest is up to you.

What You’ll Need


  • Scrap Wood – I used a cool piece of barn-wood that I found on my Father-in law’s farm but I bet you can find something around the house like an old piece of lumber or a now unused coat rack
  • Letters – Purchased 8” chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby but letters in different materials can be found at most craft stores
  • Steel Screw Hooks
  • Drawer pulls and screws
  • 1” Nails
  • Liquid Nails (Wood Glue)
  • Paint
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Level and screws for mount
  • Bibs and medals


  • Hammer
  • Cordless Drill and bits
  • Phillips head screwdriver


What To Do 

  • Find your spot to hang your displaydisplay2
  • Gather your supplies and tools
  • Lay out your project with your measuring tape and pencil. Found the center of the board, placed my U and marked the board. Working from the center out I placed 2 standard bibs to the left and right of the letter and marked the board with where their holes line up. Next I spaced the R & N respectively until I liked the look and marked the location with a pencil. Next I measured 1.5 inches below the bibs and centered to mark my first 2 drawer pulls (medal hangers). Finally, I measured the space between these marks and used this working center out to place my final 2 holes.

The hard part is done!

  • Paint your hooks and letters and let dry and sand as desired. I borrowed some paint from the Cottage on Main and distressed the letters a little extra to match the rustic style of the barn-wood
  • Glue and or nail your letters into place using your earlier marks.


  • Drill 4 pilot holes for your steel screw hooks and hand screw these into place.
  • Drill 4 holes through the board for the drawer pulls and connect using your screwdriver.
  • Mount the display. I used 2-inch wood screws and mounted this directly to studs in my wall due the weight of my board.  You can use dry wall anchors as an alternative if studs are not available in your choice of mounting spots
  • Now most importantly hang your bibs and medals and enjoy!


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