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I have written many posts over the last couple years about how we exist to build community amongst runners in our area. That is absolutely at the heart of why Run Richmond exist and what drives most of the things we try to accomplish. That is what I would call a fundamental part of Run Richmond. A fundamental part of my nature as an individual is competition and challenges. They push me for more and almost always help me accomplish my goals.

So as we have looked at those facts it seems obvious that we have missed a great opportunity on our first couple races. Teams are specific little communities. Teams rely on each other to accomplish a common goal. Teams encourage each other to accomplish team, as well as individual, goals. The Historic Haunt this year is going to have a 5K Team Challenge.

The Historic Haunt 5K Team Challenge will be completely optional, but highly encouraged. During registration, you will be asked if you want to join a team or create a team. If you know someone else that has already created a team jump on that team and start encouraging each other. If you don’t know any other teams then create one. Either way, after you join/create your team start recruiting people to join with you. It could be anyone but specifically, think about people that either are great encouragers or need some encouragement from you.

The skeptics among you will read this and think we are doing this to get you to recruit runners for our race. Sure the extra runners you may end up recruiting will be great, but that isn’t the point of this. The point is that you or some of your friends need encouragment to do more. I can encourage all I want, but it will mean so much more from someone that knows you and your strengths and weaknesses. Teams times will be scored based on the top five finishers times. They aren’t limited to 5 team members though. For proper scoring you need at least 5 but recruit as many as possible. Join us for some Saturday morning group runs or have your own Team Group Runs. Push each other and encourage each other to get out of your comfort zone. THE GREATEST THINGS IN LIFE HAPPEN AFTER YOU HAVE LEFT YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

We are still working on some details for the team challenge. The only prize isn’t going to be for the fastest team. This is really less about speed and more about accomplishment. We will announce more details as they come together, but creating a team and recruiting your team mates is step one to an awesome Historic Haunt. Register yourself and your team today at www.HistoricHaunt.com

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