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group run_generic2A little over a month ago we did our first Run Richmond Group Run at the Woodchip trail on EKU’s campus. As we mentioned back then we hope to move our group run once a month to a new location so that everyone can explore new places to run and more importantly CONQUER NEW GROUND. That sounds impressive doesn’t it? This Saturday (August 19th) we will be on the move again. Only this time we won’t be at EKU. This month we are traveling down to Berea College.

Woodchip Trail at EKU is used by EKU for training cross country athletes. Woodchip is just the beginning you can venture to the tougher farm course just behind woodchip. Berea College has the Brush Fork Trail. From what I can tell it is a very similar set up. There is a grass course that is smooth and flat that is right at 1 mile and if you cross the bridge and head to the back there is the much more difficult true trail course. The trails go up throught the woods and hills and even has an overlook if you make it all the way to the back.

Saturday we have options. We will meet at 7:30, like normal, at the Brush Fork Trail grass loop. I can’t find an address for the actual park, but it is right behind the Berea College Alumni Building at 101 Chestnut St, Berea, KY 40404. There is a small gravel lot at the park or a paved lot behind the Alumni Building. I would try parking in the gravel lot first because I assume you will need a parking pass to park on Berea College spaces.

The great thing about going down to Berea for this group run is that it has something for you no matter what your fitness level is right now. If you want flat miles you can do the 1 mile grass loop as many times as you like. It would be a great week to push yourself for extra mileage. Pick a pace and see how many times you can do the loop without your pace getting slower. Learning to keep a consistent pace when your legs are getting more and more tires is a great accomplishment. With this being a 1 mile loop this is the perfect opportunity to see where you are.

If you are training for a race and want a challenge to push yourself, head into the woods. Trail running is a completely different thing than road running. It will slow you down for sure, but it will also make the normal road race hills a lot easier to handle. I think the trail running I did a couple years ago headed into the Iron Horse Half Marathon is the reason I was able to PR on a hilly course. I have 10 miles on my training plan for Saturday. Hopefully most of those miles will be back in the woods. Hopefully some of you will join me and challenge yourself while giving me a reason to not give up.

You can get a little more info about the Brush Fork Trails the This Is Berea website here. Plus I love maps and I was sent this really good one for the trails.


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