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change is good

Anyone else do there best thinking in the car? Well, I don’t know that it is accurate to say my best thinking, but I do know that I think about things in the car. The drive to and from work, for some people, is about the only time you are alone to think and process. Process life quitely is a very healthy thing to do. So with that knowledge we should all be thankful of traffic jams…OK maybe that was a bit too far. Anyway thinking is good and I have been thinking.

What I have realized is that there is one major difference between my training now and my training when I started doing this is variety.  Consistency is a great thing in lots of ways with running. You need to be dedidicated to a plan and consistently do the runs. Variety comes in as a way to keep things interesting and to let your body have different experiences running.

For going on 2 years now I have consistently logged miles at and around White Hall. The trails are great the view is awesome and it is a great place to run. I couldn’t be happier that Run Richmond has White Hall to call home. The problem is that I haven’t been going out and running other places. We need to cover new ground, find new hills to conquer. Even sometimes those hills kick our butt and we have to admit defeat, because as we have discussed…failure is good too.

Not only is it good for our bodies and I believe our minds to experience new runs, but it gives us the opportunity to run into other runners. People that don’t even know about White Hall and have never heard of Run Richmond. I still believe wholeheartedly that the community of runners I surrounded myself with back in 2015 is the only reason I was able to finish my first half marathon. Since then Run Richmond has emererged and my community is even bigger. What I don’t want to happen is to lose variety for the sake of community. Mainly because there is no reason we can’t have both.

The plan moving forward is to have one Saturday per month that we go to a different location for the Run Richmond group run. Trent has been talking about this for weeks and I have been stalling because it’s just easier to stay with “same time – same place”. Easier never makes you stronger. We want to be stronger runners and I want us to be a stronger community.

This Saturday we are going to kick things off by meeting at EKU’s Woodchip Trail. It’s just off Kit Carson Drive close to Stratton Building and the Hummel Planetarium. There is parking off of McKinney Skills Drive.


The trail is right at 1 mile and not too hilly. There are options to add the Farm Trail which is EKU’s Cross Country course or you can head out from there and do a run through EKU and Richmond. Lots of options to get you going on a Saturday morning. See you Saturday!

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