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compassion1Most of you that have spent time chatting with Trent or myself probably learned that we met each other through our church (Crossroads). We have both been attending the Richmond campus of Crossroads for years and what started as a friendship and mutual love of running has turned into a partnership. We also share a love for the organization Compassion International. It is a child sponsorship program that is well ran and truly investing in the kids that you sponsor and making a difference in communities all across the world.

Crossroads in central KY has a deal set up with Compassion so that if we choose to sponsor a kid it comes from a pool of kids that are from the same area of Bolivia. The really cool thing about that is that because we are so focused on one area of the world we can do mission trips to that area and meet our sponsored kids and those of the people we go to church with. I have a dream of making it to Bolive and meeting our girl named Vanessa in the next few years. We have not got to the point that we can make that trip yet.

The Funk family on the other hand has. The four of them Trent, Kay, Ashlynn, and Lauren will be heading with several other Crossroads families for a trip to Bolivia. On that trip they will do awesome things for the community they serve. They will meet sponsored kids from people all across the Crossroads family and their own.

This isn’t a cheap trip and when you do it as a family of four it becomes even more expensive. I am really proud to call Trent my partner and my brother. He is doing great things for a bunch of families living in some pretty touch circumstances in Boliva, but is also doing something that should be pretty impactful for his family as well. So if you are inclined to such things, please keep the Funks and the other families on the trip in your prayers as well as the families in Bolivia that just need an opportunity to succeed.

If you would be interested in sponsoring a child of your own shoot me an email at and I will get you connected to the right people.

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