Other side of fearFear has come up as a topic in my circles several times over the last few weeks. I have been told FEAR IS A LIAR and I believe that to be true. Fear convinces us that things are worse than reality. That we are more hopeless than we truly are or that there is no reason to continue. Any one of those statements can put someone into a tailspin that will rob joy from their life. If you believe the lie that those are all facts then you have let fear rob you of all sorts of joy.

I have also been told that FEAR KILLS. I think there can be some truth in that. I think it is possible for fear to stop us from doing things that will ultimately give us life. When I really stop and look at fear though I don’t believe it is the fear itself that is dangerous. It is how we handle fear that is dangerous. Some people let fear take over and that is when fear kills. On the flip side you have some people that use fear to make informed and conscious decisions as opposed to rushing into things without a plan. The results of that are completely different.

I believe that gliding through the air, floating with the wind, attached to a parachute and GENTLY (that part is important) landing back on the ground safely would be an amazing rush that would be one of the highlights of my life. Unfortunately, heights aren’t my thing. I think the ride down would be awesome. The jump out of the plane, that part is a different story. I would have to be pushed out and the resulting heart attack would make me miss the ride down. FEAR is killing what could be one of the greatest joys in my life.

I also came to realize a few years ago that my health was not what it should be. I wasn’t taking care of myself and had gained large amounts of weight. I avoided the doctor, but I am sure my blood pressure and cholesterol would have been a major concern. I was at the age when I saw friends getting sick and having serious health issues. I had many peers on medicine that would be avoidable with life changes. FEAR set in and I realized that on my current path I may not  be around to see my daughters get married and have kids. That FEAR motivated me to make changes. I developed a plan to lose weight that involved getting off my butt and moving, a lot. I knew I would need people to help motivate me and Run Richmond was ultimately born. Now I have a community of people that help me stay motivated to keep moving to be healthy.

Fear isn’t really the problem. The way you handle the fear is. I could easily have gotten depressed and told myself that I was overweight and running wasn’t possible. I could have easily accepted that my past choices had already sealed my fate and there was nothing left to fight for. I didn’t! I let the fear motivate me to do something. FEAR CAN KILL! WHEN USED PROPERLY FEAR CAN ALSO GIVE LIFE!

Don’t let fear be a liar telling you that you can’t. Let fear be a motivator telling you that you MUST. That must may not be jumping out of a plane, but it may be making changes in your habits, career, relationships or numerous other things that you have been avoiding because of FEAR. GET MAD AT YOUR FEAR AND KICK ITS ASS! Not many things in life are more satisfying than conquering fear. Achieving success that you had to work really, really hard for is one of those things. Go work hard on something and enjoy the accomplishment when it happens.

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