It’s Tough Mudder Contest Time!

Tough MudderI have talked about this for way too long. It is time to get it done. Run Richmond has a team that will be running the June 3rd Tough Mudder Half at Kentucky Speedway. We strongly believe in community and doing things together so we decided to make it easy for some of you to join us. Trent and I will be covering the cost of two people to join our team. We already have close to 10 people on our team and more will just make it better.

First of all don’t stress if you have already signed up to be on our team. You are still eligible to win! If you haven’t registered yet we can get you registered to the Run Richmond team and if you win the contest we will reimburse the registration fee.

So here is how this will work…We love the fact that our sponsors jumped in big time for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run last weekend. Not only did they donated goods and money, but many of them donated time (lots of it for some). We want to help those businesses get more out of their sponsorship. So this contest is designed to bring attention to their businesses. The winners of the two Tough Mudder registrations will be the two people that check into the most sponsors businesses on Facebook. That doesn’t mean just set at home and check in. I need pictures. So go to their places of business take a pic and put it on Facebook with that business tagged. You will need to either tag Run Richmond as well or send me proof somehow. In case you didn’t know you can type @Run Richmond in a post and we will be “tagged”.

We had lots of sponsors announced over the last few months. I could list them all here, but that seems to easy. I would rather you have to work for it a little bit. So get out there and start tagging. If a businesses doesn’t have a retail location to visit you can tag that businesses if and when you spot someone associated with that business and take a photo with them. If a business doesn’t have a social media presence just take a photo at the location and tag Run Richmond. I believe all of the sponsors have Facebook so I don’t think that will be an issue.

Last but not least…you have until Friday at midnight to get this done. Anything that shows up after midnight will not count. We will announce the winner no later than next Monday the 22nd of May.