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We can go through life and push on with determination and grit to battle whatever comes before us. If you are a strong willed person you may even be able to win some battles and feel like you are in a pretty good place. In reality though, no matter how many wins you have; if you are fighting on your own you will never win the war. We need community! We need people that will fight with us. People that will push us. People that will lift us up when we are weak. This applies to every area of our life.

So many of us look ourselves in the mirror and get frustrated. Maybe it’s frustration at how we have let our health slip. Maybe it’s frustration about the sadness we see in the mirror. There are a million different things that can cause us to have that frustration. Any single one can cause us to feel lost and helpless. When you are fighting trying to feel positive in different areas at the same time it can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. No one can carry the weight of the world on their own. We must have community.

Run Richmond was a community that I created because I needed to get healthy. I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror or the struggle I felt trying to tie my shoes. I had gotten to a place that I never wanted to be and I was fighting hard for a long time change. I kept fighting on my own for a few years. I would diet, I would run and then I would fail. It was very predictable. It was very defeating. I wanted it just as bad those years as I did in 2015 when things clicked and I actually started winning battles.

There was nothing special about my mindset in 2015. There was something special about a group of people that started running with me. There was something special about my wife and I changing our eating habits together. We didn’t do things the exact same, but we did it together. I was going for some really aggressive diet plans and the early wins from that motivated me to push on. She was working the safe and stable plan and kept gaining ground. Both ways worked and I believe both ways worked because we weren’t alone.

I had convinced myself several years before that I should start running. I knew it would be good for me so I did it. I ran through my subdivision, a lot. I ran in the cold, I ran in the heat and I ran in the rain. I hated all of it. I would push on for sometimes months and then I would fade off again. I needed something more. I needed community.

With community comes two things that I believe are invaluable to growth of any kind. Accountability and moral support. It’s hard to not show up for a morning run if you know that a group of people is going to be standing around waiting for you. Anyone can say those long runs are worth it, but it means sooooo much more coming from a person that has done it and is currently doing it.

Surrounding yourself with a community of people that are on the same journey is one of the best indicators for continued success. We aren’t designed to fight on our own. We don’t have eyes in the back of our head. We NEED someone else there to watch our back. We NEED someone else there to lift us up when we fall.

So my question to each of you is are you fighting your current battle alone? If your answer is yes then change it. If you battle is to get healthier than show up tomorrow morning and run or walk with us at White Hall State Historic Site. If you want to make changes and are tired of losing battles surround yourself with people that are willing to push you and call you out.

We do group runs most Saturday morning at 8:00am. We have some long distance runners, short distance runners, walkers, run/walkers and even some sit and watchers some weeks. There is one thing missing from our running community and this is quite possibly U.

Get info about group runs each week here.

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