Cool Shirts and Great Sponsors

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Just when I think we are done and ready to move past sponsorships we get more good news. There are a few things that almost all runners agree on. T-shirts are great, if they are good ones. Sure there are a few of you out there that would say you have enough shirts and would prefer to never get another shirt at a race. Those people are few and far between. Most people want a great race shirt. Most people decide if it is a great shirt based one thing before anything else. How the shirt feels!

Sure you need a good design, sure it needs to be a good shirt color, but even if you have both of those and the shirt feels cheap and itchy then nobody is going to wear it. Run Richmond likes getting good shirts for our races. We actually refuse to not have a really soft, well designed shirt. Soft shirts are expensive, luckily we have friends in the t-shirt business.

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Purdy’s Embroidery & Screen Printing has agreed to become a gold level sponsor for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run. This is really good news for you. That means we can upgrade our shirts to the really soft ones! We have been pricing shirts and trying to decide what colors we should go with for weeks, but after talking with our friends at Purdy’s they hooked us up with some good shirts and great color ideas and offered to give us a deal because they wanted to be part of this great event.

shirt mock-up2It’s not finalized completely, but here is what you should expect to see when you  get your tshirt. This royal blue heathered shirt is going to look great with silver ink. You get our great race logo on the front with my favorite race catch phrase yet on the back “Run First…Wine Late”.

Purdy’s has hit a home run with this shirt and I can’t wait to finalize our order. May 12th is right around the corner. Get registered today so you don’t miss the fun!

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