Sponsorships Keep Coming

WTW Sponsors LOGO

The race is 23 days away and the sponsorships just keep coming. I think it’s important for runners to realize that there is a reason the sponsors want to be part of the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run…it’s going to be a great event that will put you in a great mood and sponsors want to be part of that warm and fuzzy feeling. This is not your normal 5K. We are offering more than you normally get at a 5K in perks and in venue. That is one reason that I think our next sponsor has decided to jump in as a Gold Sponsor.Infiniti of Lexington NEW2016Infiniti of Lexington contacted us about becoming a sponsor. We both agreed that our premium running event matched perfect with their premium car line. Infiniti of Lexington isn’t just giving us money that is going to help us write bigger checks to Hospice Care Plus, Health Now! Clinic, and Thirst Project┬ábut they are also going to be bringing a brand new Infiniti down for us to have a look at on race day.

infinitiI don’t know which Infiniti that we will have with us at the race, but I know that it will be a sweet ride. I know that it will be a premium car that will fit in perfect at a place like Chenault Vineyards. If you are ready to spoil yourself I suggest you do two things. Sign up for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run here and when you are done with that go on over to www.infinitioflexington.com and start picking out your next car or SUV.

I think I have one more GOLD sponsor to announce tomorrow and after that we can start working towards that contest I have been promising for the Tough Mudder – Run Richmond team registration give away! Keep watching…it will happen before you know it.